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  1. There's nothing loose with the servo, I checked...

    There's nothing loose with the servo, I checked all the connections and glue joints. Since there is no play when the flaps are fully deployed or at the half-deployed setting, but only at the full-up...
  2. I'm putting mine together now, using the Evo 33...

    I'm putting mine together now, using the Evo 33 engine. It's a really nice ARF.

    I have one little issue I'm working on. There seems to be some slop in the flaps-up position. I have them set up...
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    And, on the main topic, I like building at least...

    And, on the main topic, I like building at least as much as I like flying. Luckily my club seems to be open to ARF and Built alike. Most of the builders also fly some ARFS, and the ARFers respect...
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    Re: Geotech fabric runway (a side issue on this...

    Re: Geotech fabric runway (a side issue on this thread I know). Our club put a 600 foot Geotech runway in this year and it has been excellent. We were forced to move from our previous field which...
  5. RE: Pitcairn PCA-2 Autogiro by Whirlybird Aviation

    Love what you have done - I gotta build one of these things for myself!
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    RE: Are all RC forum's activity in decline?

    I have not encountered any of the major site problems people are talking about, although on rare occasions the site has been painfully slow.

    I monitor a small number of selected forums that...
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    RE: CG location when fuel is burned

    Perhaps the problem here is the assumption that the CG is a fixed point during flight. It isn't, not in models, not in full-scale.

    The "optimal CG" is determined by the centre of lift (among...
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    RE: Planning 130 inch Bellanca Aircruiser

    Thanks for the input. I am using the same set of drawings as the basis for my plans. They come from the local historical aviation society, and the Western Canada Aviation Museum is restoring...
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    Planning 130 inch Bellanca Aircruiser

    Starting to work on some CAD plans to build a large Bellanca Aircruiser - 130 inch span, to be powered by a DLE 55. This is the first really large plane I have considered building.

  10. RE: How to scale up from 1/72 to 1/6 scale?

    72 = 6 x 12 so if you multiply any measurement from the 1/72 model by 12 you will have 1/6 scale.
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    RE: Is this a good field box set?

    Don't worry about the contents of the lead acid battery UNLESS you foolishly try to cut it open. The contents won't jump out of the casing of the battery and bite you.

    Lead is indeed toxic, but...
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    RE: Is this a good field box set?

    Speaking of LiPo powered engine starters - I have a 12V Torquemaster 90 starter that I have been running off a Pb/acid battery and I'd like to make an integrated battery pack for it. It only has to...
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    RE: First Kit

    prgonzalez has discussed the big picture issues, and I think he's got it right.

    HOWEVER: if you want a straightforward suggestion for a first kit build, I like the SIG 4-Star 60. It is a...
  14. RE: Thinning out epoxy with isopopryl alcohol

    You can also thin epoxy with acetone, which is usually available with much less water. It evaporates more quickly however, so if you are taking a long time to get coverage the viscosity of the epoxy...
  15. RE: Once on step plane whips around and dunks

    Looks like you have it pretty well figured out there, Taxus. For future reference, you might want to have slightly longer floats (typical length is 75-80% of overall fuselage length) so that you can...
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    RE: Not a good week.

    About 5 years ago I witnessed an air-to-air collision at our club field. A small hot-dog type plane was being zoomed around, while a large scale bird (I forget exactly what it was - something like a...
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    RE: Polish for canopy

    :Dlol! I read the title of the thread and immediately thought Google Translate. Polish for "canopy" is apparently "baldachim". Silly me.
  18. RE: WW1 aircraft display Wanaka 2012 Vid

    Wait! Those weren't models! These guys are serious...
  19. RE: WW1 aircraft display Wanaka 2012 Vid

    That's great, didn't know there were commercially-made rotaries out there. Only working model rotary I've seen is this home-build in a 1/3 scale Avro 504
  20. RE: WW1 aircraft display Wanaka 2012 Vid

    Those were gorgeous! I notice the pilots were blipping their throttles to simulate the "no-throttle" ignition kill-switch behaviour of the rotaries - unless they actually had rotaries in the Camel...
  21. RE: Is this aircraft stand still being made?

    Don't think that stand is intended for starting/running. As Villa said, it will tip if the plane produces enough thrust.
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    RE: Allied Planes vs Others

    Build what you love. They all have their fans and their foes, but if you like a plane, that's what matters.
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    RE: Sig Kadet LT-40 Build

    Definitely go for visibility. Back during WW II here in Canada we had the "Commonwealth Air Training Programme" which trained thousands of RAF and RCAF pilots. They painted all their planes a...
  24. RE: Custom landing gear engineering question

    Just from the look of that plane, I think you should go with a fixed undercarriage. The plane sort of looks like the Polish PZL 11 fighter, or other 1930s designs. It would be easy to make a music...
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    RE: Is it just me?

    Looks like whatever the problem was, it's fixed now. I can rest easy;)
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