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  1. RE: Will the batterys for a 1/16 slash fit the rc18?

    If the battery packs that you have fit your slash and are configured as a stick pack 2 row of 3 cells. they WILL NOT FIT. You want 6x1 side by side battery packs for the RC18. The slash stick battery...
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    RE: Battery Problems

    Hmmm. Could you tell me what charger you are using, and what charge rate you are charging your packs at? I presume these are both NimH batteries?
    If the 1600 is getting hot while charging....there...
  3. RE: standard plug for NiMH battery vs Deans connector???

    We use Deans and TRX plugs on our battery packs and both hold up well. I think the Deans are just as "easy" or easier to solder than the TRX plugs. You don't have to be as accurate with the soldering...
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    RE: nimh batteries for mini e-revo?

    Hope you are not referring to the EP1500 batteries that we sell. We have sold HUNDREDS of them on Ebay with 100% customer satisfaction. We decided to open HiPowerRC to provide our batteries even...
  5. RE: Peak threshold on stock mini revo batts

    I don't always go by "mah" when rating a battery as good. What is important is also the discharge curve. It is no fun to run batteries that loose their punch after five minutes and then run sucky for...
  6. RE: Caldera 10E Battery Size (Dimensions)

    Many lipo packs will fit that resemble a stock 6 cell NIMH pack. Our ACE 4000 packs fit perfect. Here is our recent blog article regarding lipos in the Caldera 10E (my favorite Redcat truck so far):...
  7. RE: RC18T - Robotronics Power 300 mini motor spec?

    Hi Chad,
    The resistor is actually a capacitor for radio interference. I would only go through the trouble of changing it to the other motor if you have interference issues. Is the motor giving you...
  8. RE: RC car choice help! (Read description)

    Yes that is a great deal on the brushed 1/16th Slash and here are cheap NimH battery packs (higher mah than stock traxxas packs):...
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    RE: 10E servo problems

    My servo is making ugly noises but still "works". I too will be replacing it with a substitute. The Caldera is the most fun truck I have yet to run from Redcat!
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    RE: Caldera 10E anyone?

    Overpriced? Have you done price/feature comparisons with other RTR RC trucks? My Caldera 10E has proven to be durable and fun! Aside from a noisy steering servo....because I crashed into a wood...
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    RE: 10E servo problems

    I can't talk for Redcat Racing, but I am sure if you are nice with your inquiry they may just may cover it warranty wise. I have yet to deal with Redcat warranty directly, but most of the forum talk...
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    RE: Caldera 10E anyone?

    I just installed the ACE 4000mah LiPo we sell and it basically transformed the Caldera 10E! Much faster and it doesn't overheat. Also saves some weight compared to the Redcat Racing 3800 Nimh.
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    RE: 10E servo problems

    Hi Billy,
    Yep.....mine started to make noise after hitting a wooden landscape beam while trying to make a video. I hit it pretty hard and fast, so I guess I deserve it.
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    RE: best revo battery

    Best battery for the price is EP1500mah Nimh or the ACE1800 2S lipo. Both are sold here: Either one fits perfect and they come with genuine TRX connector pre-installed. No need to deal...
  15. RE: Official Traxxas 1/16th Mini E-Revo/Slash Battery Thread!

    There are other places to buy lipos and Nimh battery packs for the Traxxas 1/16th mini E-Revo/Slash than hobby city/King whatever that place is! Sorry for the self promotion but I sell super high...
  16. RE: Problems Problems Problems.. Tornado EPX Pro

    Sorry to hear about all your problems. I have the Vortex EXP pro (similar/same chassis) and have only had one issue: the stock ESC is "clunky". It seemed like a radio issue or voltage cutoff issue...
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    Caldera 10E anyone?

    Just wondering if anyone else has tried/bought the Caldera 10E? I am a tiny dealer and could not resist opening one up for a run. So far I am extremely happy with it. It is not as fast as my Vortex...
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    RE: HPI Micro RS4 batteries

    If you plan on running a 9000KV brushless system in the micro rs4, you are probably looking at overkill. There are some decent NIMH packs that perform well even with brushless power, so you don't...
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    RE: Sumo/Redcat 1/24 fun NOT

    I am having fun with the Sumo's myself. I got ambitious and took it completely apart and rewired the board. Now I have lipo power from two 7.4V 230mah micro-t lipos wired in parallel for 7.4V and...
  20. RE: What charger and battery to buy for 1/16 Revo?

    I have the Thunder AC-6 charger and it works great with the ACE 1800mah 7.4V 2s 20C packs. The balance plugs on the packs are fully compatible with the AC-6 balance adapter, and the charger gives...
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    RE: Battery question - NiMH went bad

    A good set of nimh will last a long time provided they are cared for. Like in previous posts, it is recommended to charge at 1C rate, meaning if battery is 1500mah-charge at 1.5amp rate. Our packs...
  22. RE: Lipo's for TamTech Mini Fox GB-01 chassis

    The lipos from BEATuRACING work great. I ship fast and have had great feedback on these packs. They are 1800 mah with 20C output, 2S 7.4V.
    Good luck! - Mike M.
  23. RE: Official Traxxas 1/16th Mini E-Revo/Slash Battery Thread!

    I understand you are looking for the best price. We all are when in comes to saving money and getting the best quality possible. The RC industry has become a very competitive field, especially with...
  24. RE: Official Traxxas 1/16th Mini E-Revo/Slash Battery Thread!

    I sort of feel like I am cheating but after reading all the posts I must say we have great single and 2 pack deals on our EP1500 Nimh 1/16th traxxas packs as well as on our AcePower 20C 1800mah 2s...
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