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  1. RE: HPI Savage XL Powered by Gasoline Engine Release Date?

    It was talked about back in may of 2011. HPI has been going through ALOT of changes lately, and I suppose when ownership changes and other things are involved new projects get put wayside.
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    RE: 70+mph Savage Speed

    Man that Ti gear is really chewed up. I pulled mine out the other day and I dont have much longer with it. I am gonna swap it out with a steel gear.

    I doubt it will matter with the grenade...
  3. The Bullet Proof 29/9 diff. Did HPI change the material?

    It seems as though when I bought my XL in 2011, the BP diff ring and pinion that is in it was considered machined steel. Now HPI lists the BP 29/9 as sinistered steel. Thats the same thing as the...
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    RE: New HPI 1/8 Gassers

    That truck has been in the works for two years. I think the buyout had something to do with the delays. Its not the only thing that got delayed, there was supposed to be a completely new race buggy...
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    RE: Good Newb Questions

    I haved looked at a few websites. So far I have an interest in some of the Expresscraft boats and also the Rico Offshore Classic. Especially the Offshore Classic. How do these companies' boats...
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    RE: Good Newb Questions

    If you could PM me a few links. Or just names of manufactures and I can search them up myself.

    There used to be some boat racing in Sulphur, LA. But that was years ago. I like in Lake Charles...
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    Good Newb Questions

    I Have been messing with Nitro Cars for a couple of years now. I live in southern Louisiana and there is about fifty places within driving distance of my house where I could run a boat. So I want a...
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    RE: new savage problems

    it may be stuck in second. Usually that happens from the adjustment screw falling out
  9. RE: any idea when the new gas savage xl is released.

    Its somewhere in the maya calander

    heres a link if you want to find it
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    RE: ARO, what do you use?

    I dont think it matters much. I just got a bottle of hobbico and the only reason i am going to use it at all is because I have to let my truck sit for a week while I am at work. I would just use...
  11. RE: any idea when the new gas savage xl is released.

    They have been talking about this gas powered savage xl for at least a year now. And personally I dont think its gonna be all that great anyway. But to each his own.
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    RE: Savage decision?

    Get the Xl and be done with it. Your probably gonna spend the extra money on anything else to get it up to what the xl is anyway. I see tons of builds extending their chassis, buying all kinds of...
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    RE: lrp 32 pipe

    Next pipe I am going to try is an ERCM endbleed. I have an 86 on my .30 and want something louder. I bet the new .32 would sound awesome.
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    Semi Newb Heli advice.


    I am a car nut and have been doing that for about a year. But I want to get back to Helis

    It all started when I got a Raptor .30 V1 on ebay. I didnt know what I was doing and ended...
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    Some questions about a GT2

    I just scored a Kyosho Inferno GT2

    I really am more of an offroad person, but I would like to fix this car up a little bit.

    First thing is that I want to install my FLYSKY digital radio in...
  16. another wormy newb question please help!!!!!

    well we finally took the xl out of service

    the engine is acting as though the clutch is slipping and not putting power to the wheels.

    other than the clutch what other areas should I check...
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    RE: Differential oil question

    Whats the concept behind using a heavier oil in the front instead of the rear?
  18. RE: Dynamite Big Red Monster .28 on my Savage XL 5.9

    I used the coat hanger trick on my 5.9 with my ofna 086. Will probably try two springs also.

    Let us know how the engine works out.
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    alternative to nitro cleaner

    I am going to seal my engine. I have everything but nitro cleaner in a can. Is there something else such as mineral spirits that I can use to clean up everything while I have it apart?
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    Differential oil question

    I want to try some different setups in my XL.

    I have some 30k and some 50k on the way.

    What would be the results of using 50k in the rear and 30k in the front?
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    RE: Wheely King for a 7 year old?

    The LHS doesnt exist in my town. Closest is an hour away.

    I didnt know it has different settings. I will check out the traxxas stuff also.

    Thanks for such a quick reply.
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    Wheely King for a 7 year old?

    Heres the deal, My boy is gonna be 7 in July. This gives me enough time to research. The sitituation is that I am new to the hobby and I just got a Savage XL about a two months ago, great fun.
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    Engine mount upgrades

    I need a new engine mount due to a stripped screw on my XL.

    Is there any reason not to use the HPI heavy duty mount? Or am I better off just ordering the stock one?

    Is there any mount...
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    RE: proline body question

    Most of these 1:1 truck paint jobs are giving me ideas about how i should paint it.

    I am gonna make it fit somehow.

    I just think the bodystyle looks good in green.

    Check out this...
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    RE: Ported Axial .28

    Here is what I would do at your step. Now granted I have NO IDEA what I am talking about with nitro engines but I have done some porting on 1:1 engines.

    1 Clean as much as you can off the...
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