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    that would be the u joint well they are not real...

    that would be the u joint well they are not real u joints but ide assume they would call them the same thing on a scale vehicle. They are easy to replace. Ive twisted a few shafts inhalf but its...
  2. RE: Trying some new gearboxes...UPDATE TO MOTOR/GEARBOX SPECS

    i hope these things are as good as they look in the long run . i dont  even run my tiger any more : P  buying new transmissions every few months adds up specailly since you have to buy the whole dam...
  3. RE: So, you want to go big huh??? How about 1/3rd!???

    there does come a point in which these things get too big.  I think 5th scale is about perfect. Big enough to have fun with / use a gas engine / see it when its wayyyyyyyyyy down the road and when...
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    RE: Durability Bashing vs Racing

    ive never really broken any thing racing. they track is pretty well set up and had plastic corigated tubes all arround it. isint any thing really solid to hit except the pit box mabey.

    bashing on...
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    RE: E-maxx batteries

    i still run NIMH in my e maxx i just got some trinity 4500mah for 35$ a pice. you can find cheaper if you look arround.
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    RE: 3.3 Temp. range

    tune it till it runs good with plenty of smoke. temp ranges dont mean much on the 3.3. Youcan tun it run in range and it will run like crap or it can run decent.
  7. RE: Setting Slipper Clutch on 4x4: All your best tips, dos and don'ts?

    on a solid surface peg the throttle from a stand still . should hear it slip for the first 6 feet or so. how ive always done mine
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    RE: this buggy spins out toooo much UPDATE

    i used 0 degree hubs on the street and they seem to work better then the 2 or 4 degree hubs. mabey its all in my head.
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    RE: Why are tyres so expensive?

    i run stock hpi wheels and tires normally just for this reason. Most of the other brand wheels and tires are retardly over priced. i can get real car tires cheaper so i know it isint the cost of...
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    RE: My top 22 rules of RC

    rules 3 / 5 / 6 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 17 / and 19 suck.
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    RE: 4WD vs 2WD

    generally the 4wd has the advantages over a 2wd.

    A2wd tends to have less parts so its a bit lighter and a bit less maintance but thats really about for the benefits.
    A 4wd has the advantages in...
  12. RE: Using a Chinese 4 wheeler for a base to make a Giant scale Car or truck.

    i personally havent done but there are a few people on youtube who have. should be able to find their vids pretty easy.
  13. Poll: RE: How much would you pay to join a local R/C club ?

    i dont pay. the guys who run the local one here are a bunch of tools. i just run it during the week days when there isint any racing goin on.
  14. RE: anything coming out soon better than the HPI savage FLux

    So yeah. Like my 3906 stocke maxx is the best MTever and beats any truggy any day all day.
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    RE: crawling with a nitro?

    you can but you would have to gear it so low and rev so high to get it to crawl properly it isint worth the effort.
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    RE: Does water ruin a rc car

    you cant really water proof an rc you can make them more resistan to damage from water but its still gonnaget where its not suposed to be and cause issues.
    You can seal the esc and motor to keep...
  17. RE: clear red paint safe for PC for yokomos13 tails??

    even if they are laquer based you still want one made for polycarbonate. they are more flexable and bond to the plastic better. standard candy or clear spraypaints at most normal stores / walmart /...
  18. RE: ESC Programming Versus Transmitter Programming

    i think its more of a braggin / selling point the more features they can cram into an esc. Honestly ive had a few and other then basic set up and lipo / nimh settings i really never mess with the...
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    RE: Where do you crawl?

    i like wash outs.
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    RE: new to rc drifting

    hpi / tamiya / yokomo all make good drift vehicles

    190 and 200 mm refer to the body width

    drift tires are generally made of a hard plastic.

    for drifting a lot of power isint nessary or even...
  21. RE: Vantage Racing - Carbon Fiber A-Arms (Revo)

    eh. what ever floats your boat
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    RE: Knowing when to replace bearings

    i use to do the same when i had metal sheilded ones but now i just run the rubber sheilded ones and rairly have any contamination issues. if i geta really gritty one ill run it till the replacement...
  23. RE: noob needing help with offset! PLEASE!

    hard to say. Even if the body is 200mm some have flares that extend it out a bit more.

    ide personally get some wheels with 5 offset and just run em all arround.
  24. RE: How do YOU take care of you're gearbox

    i dont think grease would have much drag effect on trannys that have as much gear reduction as these do and i dont stress if any would be enough to even concider.

    ive always just used the tamiya...
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    RE: APRIL FOOLS DAY joke ? or Real?

    fake. it would take a fair ammount of hydraulic / phumatic power to make the truck jump like that and it would be a much more violent take off.
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