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  1. RE: HPI Savage XL Powered by Gasoline Engine Release Date?

    Now we shun HPI. The Octane is the only one I was interested in. They can keep the rest of them. But now it's just a distant memory to me. I'm off to bigger and better things. Another Losi XXL sounds...
  2. RE: Brand New 2006 Hyper 8 Buggy with Z.28 Engine

    Thank You. It's so beautiful. . . . . I haven't ran it yet. Broke in one of my Traxxas Slayers. I'm having fun with that and I take the Hyper along with me for a conversation piece.
  3. RE: Brand New 2006 Hyper 8 Buggy with Z.28 Engine

    Yes you may.
  4. RE: Brand New 2006 Hyper 8 Buggy with Z.28 Engine


    I was worried about parts availability in the future too John, so I bought a roller off ebay.


    I saw that too and was gonna bid on it and I forgot all about it. I've...
  5. RE: HPI Savage XL Powered by Gasoline Engine Release Date?

    Thanks for the info, Crop. I'm patiently waiting for any news. And you are right, I'd wait til next year if they were able to work out any flaws before releasing it to the public. I'd even volunteer...
  6. MOVED: Slayer Pro 4X4 Break-In WITH PICS

    RC Car General Discussions:
  7. RE: Slayer Pro 4X4 Break-In WITH PICS

    The last two tanks are now through the Slayer. A total of 6 are now complete for the Break-In process. just gotta do some final adjustments and then I will tune for some shifting action. I can't...
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    RE: question for the racers

    I don't know of any guys that use any drag brake. I'm sure some do, but those of us that know what it is and what it willl do, have it turned off or turned all the way down.
  9. RE: Any good TMAXX forums besides this?

    Take the info you need and forget the rest. There is a ton of helpful info on RCU. IMO, this is the best RC Forum. I'm a member of about 8 right now and this one is #1.
  10. Slayer Pro 4X4 Break-In WITH PICS

    I have been searching RCU for any info on the Slayer and I have yet to find anything. Not sure if was looking in the wrong place. So a few weeks ago I was referred to this area by Foxy.
    We had a...
  11. RE: Brand New 2006 Hyper 8 Buggy with Z.28 Engine

    Some updated pics. Got the body painted and some wheels and tires mounted up (but not glued yet).
  12. RE: How to install a .28 nitro engine on a traxxas 3.3 tmaxx

    I had a .21 O.S. Engine on my Tmaxx back in 08-09. I happened to find a big block kit for it and bolted it in. And big block mounts should work. You'll just have to drill some holes and fit it where...
  13. RE: Any one have these bumpers for their LST XXL?

    Well Said Foxy! I too thought that I would add some nice aluminum to my Tmaxx's 3 years ago. Dispite peoples concern I learned by my own errors that they were the worst up grades I could make.
  14. HPI Savage XL Powered by Gasoline Engine Release Date?

    Hey everyone. I've been searching everywhere and had a buddy call HPI but still nothing on a release date. Has anyone heard anything at all? I heard it's been in the makes since August of 2012. and...
  15. RE: Spektrum dx2s binding help pls...

    The procedure for binding your receiver to your radio are always the same, wether it's electric or nitro. And you don't need the esc or motor to bind your receiver to your radio. Just a power source...
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    RE: Bought a Duratrax 835B Buggy

    Yes pics please. And check out my awesome find.
  17. RE: Brand New 2006 Hyper 8 Buggy with Z.28 Engine

    Thanks for the Info Foxy!

    I doubt I will race it. Nearest track for me is a 90 minute drive. But it's possible I might make it a couple times this summer.
    I forgot to put in the...
  18. Brand New 2006 Hyper 8 Buggy with Z.28 Engine

    I was told of a Hyper Buggy for sale real cheap at a local hobby shop. I was able to get there and take a look and I couldn't believe my eyes. I bought it immediately. It is a Hyper 8 Pro Racing...
  19. RE: SC Section? Looking for posts on the Traxxas Slayer.

    Thank you Foxy.
  20. SC Section? Looking for posts on the Traxxas Slayer.

    I've been looking for talk in a Short Course subject on the Traxxas Slash and Slayer but I can't seem to find one. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks. I just don't want to post in the...
  21. RE: How many cars do you take to the track?

    I take 3 to race and usually one to mess around around with or display. With a collection of 10 R/C vehicles it's hard to figure which ones to take. Mainly it makes for good conversation pieces.
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    RE: Spektrum VS Futaba

    I've only owned the Traxxas TQi and the Spektrum: DX2, DX3S and now the DX3C. The only thing I don't like is the Scroll button. TO ME: the Spektrum is easy to use. I don't have to refer to the...
  23. RE: Hardcore Slash G10 Upgrade With Aluminum Parts

    Sold my 2WD and 4WD platinum. Got another slash donor vehicle and monday plan to buy the hardcore and start a build. Check back again next week.
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    RE: Losi Speed NT vs Traxxas Jato 3.3

    Nice ride Shark Man!! Here's mine.
    As for the Losi/Traxxas B.S., It's a matter of preference. There are no statistics that prove what brand of R/C is better then another. Never has, Never will.
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    RE: Mod XO-1 Night Drifter

    Nice video. Course mine's a shelf queen for now. Its a bit dusty from running on the road. I've had mine up to 64 mph on the road. I'm not gonna really open it up til I get out on some open area....
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