I have a Simjet 2300 turbine engine for sale, I bought it a few years back intending to run it but never got around to it, as such, it has been sitting in it's box in a cupboard for the past 2 years and I have never run it.
The guy I bought it from had it from new and only ran it around 20-30 times, it comes with all the parts and should still work as I have barely touched it since I bought it.

It also comes with the manual and some instructions from the previous owner on how to use it. I'm from London, UK, and I can ship to anywhere in Europe. I was going to use Ebay to sell it but the selling fees were unbelievable, so it is on eBid instead.

Bought it for £1k+, so looking for a half decent price, shipping is included in the price.

Link here:http://uk.ebid.net/for-sale/simjet-2...c-34276750.htm