Hi, a total turbine noob here. Recently required an AV8R with a Simjet 1200 from the estate of a deceased club member. He purchased the 1200 new as I found the receipt. The Plane was complete, and by apearances had not been flown, though the turbine had been run. To shorten the story after a bit of work got the turbine running, the plane checked out and last Friday had a local turbine pilot test fly it. Flew well with good power for a 6min flight. Landed, and the ECU ran through a shutdown as normal. Upon returning home found the shaft very hard to turn and notchy. Realizing this is a dinoasur, I had nothing to loose tearing it down. Came apart easily, to reveal a bad rear bearing. Closer examination revealed the oiling orfice was completely pluged and the oil had been passing to the out side of the shaft tube at the joint at the difuser. Now the questions. Logic says the rear wheel nut is normal RH thread-correct? The front inner bearing race is pressed home by a spacer with a large flange that is about the same size as the bearing outer race. This was assembled with the flange down and I assume directs the oil through the front bearing? At close to $200 for bearing just want to be sure they get some oil this time!