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  1. Questions for a New Build?
  2. Tamiya Jagdpanzer Lang F/O IR RC 1/16 Scale Collaboration Build
  3. Question?
  4. King Tiger restoration
  5. A Noobs First Battle
  6. Clark Board Help?
  7. Tank tractor pulls with the BIG BLOCK BUSTER
  8. Tamiya Pershing and Sherman. Video
  9. My Tiger 1 from Mark 1 Tanks
  10. IBU2 Base with TPA
  11. Is someone making (or had made) a T69 medium tank?
  12. Will a PDSG fit in a Jagdpanther?
  13. 21st Century Stuart Tank missing remote
  14. More new stuff for you M4 guys.
  15. Found an Armortek Sherman...
  16. Clark/Benedini question
  17. Abrams snow mission 4k
  18. Tank found in a quarry. (r/c quarry that is)
  19. The new panzer IV is available and still no clue how it works.
  20. Tanks of Fury
  21. 1/16 Tank Diorama Finished w/ Autmn Leaves
  22. fitting taigen panther(metal torsion bar hull bottom) to fit Taigen jagdpanther top
  23. Cool Modern Armor Storage Facility Video
  24. Another Abrams, Combat ready
  25. Servo recoil unit from DKLM
  26. Turnigy 9x battery pack that actually fits!
  27. Question for DMD/MF unit users?
  28. i6 & i10 Self Centering Kits
  29. Another teaser...
  30. A big model
  31. Taigen stug III metal chassis
  32. Sherman 4k first run!
  33. electronics help req
  34. HL Sherman Recoil and servo elevation.
  35. It isn't a a tank or even a vehicle but....
  36. M4a3e8 "Nice n Easy"
  37. T90 is here
  38. The Deals You Find On ebay
  39. So we begin Wechoe
  40. Scale Hardware Resurrection
  41. My tamiya leo build...
  42. Maus Camo
  43. There's an Armortek Sherman listed on ebay...
  44. Taigen gear wear - normal?
  45. Let's make better gearboxes. Collaboration project.
  46. OK, how do I get the cool tank sounds?
  47. Queen of the desert - Infantry Tank Mk.II “Matilda” - Scratch built
  48. Some Misc tank parts
  49. Selling out my RC Tanks
  50. Heng Long T-90 IR with barrel recoil
  51. Next generation of heads.
  52. Tamiya battle unit question
  53. Hl Leo 2a6 airsoft recoil mod questions.
  54. My first Tamiya kit... which Tx/Rx?
  55. Clark tk60 8CH software Demonstration
  56. Licmas Tank - Camouflage Net
  57. Bat safe lipo box charging storage system.
  58. Tamiya TBU position for battle
  59. Tools of the Trade...
  60. HL Sherman Pretty Much Done
  61. 1st tank
  62. Spielwarenmesse Nürnberg 2017 1/16 Puma?
  63. First time for everything. Got myself a Sherman
  64. ElMod Installation and Programming Video
  65. Noise problem when editing Clark TK60 sound files
  66. Tiger 214
  67. Tired of sore thumbs...
  68. New User Looking for Guidance
  69. We all have out pet peeves...
  70. Hot out of the mold.
  71. IR receivers?
  72. T-34 Movie in 2018?
  73. Waltersons T72
  74. sherman firefly
  75. Help with Torro 1:16 T-34/85 antenna
  76. What micro servo for barrel recoil?
  77. Sev's P4 build
  78. BEWARE programming Clark TK22
  79. Best tool for cutting gun barrel?
  80. ACE/AAF Battle Weekend Danville VA March 17-19 2017
  81. Classy Hobby 1/16 MC16001 Sd.Kfz.123 Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf"Luchs"
  82. Which radio for tamiya leopard ?
  83. An old soldier passed
  84. RC Models at Bovington Tank Museum
  85. Making the Jump to 1/6 Scale?
  86. IBU3 turret connections in a Taigen IR tank
  87. My reentry into the hobby.
  88. Using HL Stickers As Masks
  89. HL Panther G
  90. My Lowe
  91. Leaves are back!
  92. Newbie!
  93. Small-hatch M4a3
  94. Heng Long Tiger 1
  95. Looks like Trumpeter is releasing a 1/16 Panther, full interior.
  96. Is it possible?
  97. Launching A New RC Tanks Website !!
  98. OK so don't call me a Ricer
  99. How Do I Get Started?
  100. Tamiya Panther , a little repaint ( video+photos)
  101. Modern Armored Glass - looking for a good system
  102. Pzr iv
  103. Modifying aircraft transmitters for surface vehicles
  104. Which radio to use with ibu2?
  105. M1A2 Abrams Video Build Log
  106. Painted/ Weatherized My Taigen T34/85
  107. Clark tk 22 please help
  108. Dry Transfers for Lettering
  109. Converting Tamiya Pershing to 2.4 Ghz
  110. tamiya recoil on rx 18
  111. barrel recoil using rx18
  112. Dialing in turret rotation speeds.
  113. Danville battles
  114. Danville upcoming battles information
  115. New HL tiger 1 dual sound 2.4 electronics no main gun
  116. Just got a Taigen early Tiger and gun does not work
  117. NZ 30549 - Early Construction M41's
  118. Pennsylvania Help
  119. M4a2 "Lucky Lucy"
  120. Tamiya Leopard 1 A4 F/O IR RC Conversion from the Static Kit.
  121. Heng Long transmitter
  122. The call of the clank....
  123. Nuremberg Messe
  124. Box Opening, Wittman's New Ride
  125. Mato tank problems
  126. Weird finish from tamiya metal primer
  127. M4a1 76mm "Eye Candy"
  128. IBU2 Question
  129. Armortek Manufacturing is for sale...
  130. 9X flash and springs
  131. Panther soundset V3 . outdoor-indoor drive (Video)
  132. RC Tank Sound System Speakers
  133. RC tanks of OKC
  134. AUF 1 155mm
  135. Stateside vendor?
  136. My newest edition...
  137. Am I the last seeing this???
  138. Calling The Commander
  139. Question on Taigen T34/85 Storage Tanks?
  140. Looking for Tamiya Leopard 1 A4 or custom A5
  141. Anyone here play world of tanks?
  142. Mato PZKW III no traverse
  143. Looking for some info on a set of tow bars for my leo or M1A2
  144. Homegrown Camouflage for 1:16
  145. Does anyone know what this wire is for? (Torro King Tiger infrared version)
  146. Messing around with Oddball painting
  147. What charger???
  148. T34 fit question
  149. sturmtiger sounds Clark TK60 ( video )
  150. New Pershing Project
  151. Where do I post a tank for sale ???
  152. Led question.
  153. Can the Tarr smoker be hooked up to the TBS?
  154. Monogram Shephard Paine Diorama Tip Sheets
  155. New to RC Tanks need some insight
  156. Anyone know what happened to Willie or if he is still around? would like to get ahol
  157. Barrel length IR vs Airsoft question...
  158. Has anyone tried the TK22 for the M1 Abrams?
  159. Strange problem with Clark TK60G2
  160. What to get with 50 amazon gift card.
  161. Example Pics For Weatherizing A Russian T34/85
  162. Great rechargeable AA batteries for your radios!
  163. Making do with an old Tamiya dog.
  164. Wow!!!
  165. More Sherman builds...
  166. Ironically.....
  167. Way off topic... don't hate me
  168. What material to build armour with?
  169. Leopard 1 1/6
  170. 1/16 Pzkpfw.II L Luchs ---- anyboidy seen this?
  171. Tamiya Weathering Kit & Weathering Stick
  172. Taigen T34/85 Assembly Question
  173. Taigen Tiger GearBoxes
  174. etoarmour sight
  175. Intro to the Open Panzer Project - and a new Tank Control Board
  176. Trying to upgrade Hooben Elefant.
  177. "Murder Inc's" new shoes...
  178. Need Help Opening My Taigen Tank
  179. Wire handle modding
  180. Can anybody help a Brother out? Sherman issue!
  181. Taigen 360 slip rings to Clark - Wiring?
  182. Hong Long Shooter not working in Abrams 1/16
  183. Panzerkampfwagen soundset. Clark TK60
  184. State of the hobby?
  185. decal removal
  186. M4A1(75) build
  187. Danville r/c tank battle footage on eve of show.
  188. Tamiya Flakpanzer Gepard RT1603
  189. Rubber Sherman vvss tracks, when will they happen...
  190. Heng Long Chinese ZTZ 99A is back.
  191. M18 Hellcat "Don't Panic!"
  192. New driver and a great commander paint job. :-)
  193. HL sherman rear wheel sticking anyone....
  194. Mato and Henglong parts
  195. AAF Tank Museum (Danville, VA) will be on TV!
  196. Safe Online Stores To Buy From?? (RC Tanks)
  197. Leopard 2A6 on a mission video
  198. Waterproofing a Heng Long RC tank (PLEASE ANSWER QUESTIONS ASAP)
  199. New Taigen PIV F2 Metal Edition Tank!
  200. Does Anybody Know Anything About Metalbox Tanks?
  201. Any word on the Jan1 tank?
  202. Abrams Markings?
  203. Tank noble / Build thread / HL Leo 2A6M CAN.
  204. Tiger P
  205. Over the meadows and through the fields...
  206. Need a big H V & High current ESC BRUSHED ONLY.
  207. Jan 7 Battles in Danville
  208. T 55 Soundpack for clark TK60 (Video)
  209. New Taigen Tank Tread Issues
  210. For you modern armor fans....
  211. Paint Help
  212. Finally finished. Tiger 1 with tank riders! Electronics not that easy!!!!
  213. Where Can I Find....?
  214. New Tanks for 2017
  215. Mini Tank Movie Marathon Day!
  216. Christmas
  217. Strato50's Build & Review: M4A3(76)W Sherman by Taigen
  218. Just got a HL M1A2 1/16, where to get upgrades.
  219. Racing tank anyone?
  220. Heads are in resin...
  221. m4A3E2 Jumbo sherman Resin kit
  222. Flick Panther at Heikendorf - current status?
  223. Problem with mounting Recoil Unit
  224. HVSS kit
  225. Red 390 motors tested video.
  226. Interesting video: What to do if your tank gets stuck.
  227. Though you guy's may like this...
  228. Experimenting with Blue tooth
  229. Airsoft tanks more FPS power HOW TO
  230. Upgrading parts for M1A2 Abrams.
  231. A7v Scratchbuilt kit 1:16
  232. JCSA latest deal!
  233. San Diego RC Tank Battle 15 Jan2017
  234. Taigen/HL Panther A
  235. HL smoke unit oil how much?
  236. Think I found good lube for gears!
  237. Early Tiger 1
  238. Hooben T-55 building help
  239. CanAm Club Dec. Battleday and get together
  240. Some Things You Can Do With An Imex/Taigen Panzer III
  241. Box opening, Abrams tracks w/rubber - Wow! x3!
  242. Because they can....
  243. Wonder if it will ever be back...
  244. Oil for road wheels... HL tanks
  245. Hobby Engine Tank Sale
  246. ? For all heng long tank owners
  247. A Big 'Thank You' To Gary (Crius)!!!
  248. Taigen Tiger 1 cosmetics ideas
  249. Taigen Tank Problem
  250. Motor timing make your tank go straight. Video

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