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  1. Custom packs?
  2. new guy needs lipo battery info for Redcat rs10 conversion
  3. Max Amp vs SMC Race Forumula
  4. lipo vs green seriess life packs
  5. New review video of MaxAmps pack!
  6. LiFe pack swelling
  7. HELP??
  8. MaxAmps Green Series 4500maH LiFE - Speed?
  9. Jason Melville
  10. 1/16 summit lipo batteries
  11. Thunder T10 Charger to charge Life battery
  12. Thunder AC6 First Time User
  13. a few questions about compatability
  14. charge voltage - 2 cell 2200 mah lipo
  15. Effects Ambient Temperature Has Charging
  16. NEW! LiPo 1300 3-cell 11.1v AR Drone Battery Pack
  17. I found this VERY interesting!
  18. Special Deal from
  19. CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!!!!!
  20. MaxAmps Minute Video #5 Crazy Fast HPI Savage Flux
  21. MaxAmps Hard Case Green Series Life 4500SS (ROAR APPROVED) 6.6V Battery Pack
  22. MaxAmps puts its money where its mouth is.
  23. MaxAmps Green Series Life 6750 2S3P 6.6V Battery Pack
  24. TWO balancing tabs how to charge?
  25. a123, hitec 5645 ,r617 without regulator ?
  26. RX BATTERY- Why 2S2P instead of 2S1P
  27. lipo charger
  28. Battery Sugestions?
  29. Traxxas Slash 4X4 Video-Episode 2
  30. low voltage
  31. Team Associated SC18 upgrade "brushless" set-up ????
  32. The New Minute Videos!!!
  33. New 1/16th Scale Green series packs!!
  34. EOS 0606i memory
  35. Attention Ultra Micro Plane and Heli guys!!!
  36. Xtreme RC Magazines write up on our MaxAmps Green Series packs
  37. $$$ MAX AMPS $$$
  38. Hyperion EOS 0615i Duo3
  39. help!
  40. The new 6500SS ROAR Approved pack!!!!
  41. These batts are giving me a headache!!
  42. battery for brushed e revo
  43. run time
  44. Having trouble finding out what pack will fit your favorite RC Car or Truck???
  45. Battery Confusion
  46. hit's the 100,000 battery pack built mark!!!!!
  47. Warranty
  48. SALE!!!! 1100 mAh packs and 4000 mAh packs!!!
  49. New 4S 5250 60C Hard cased pack!!!
  50. Attention Free Batteries!!!!!!!!
  51. Contest!!!!
  52. Balance Taps for Packs
  53. MaxAmps 5000 Nimh
  54. Special Deal at!!!!!
  55. Cheap lipo better than high end 6 cell?
  56. Attention!!! We are closing out the remaining Hyperion DUO II's
  57. Alert - Green Series Life 4500 6.6V Battery Pack - New cell technology!
  58. Closeout Sale on 2100 and 4200 2P packs!!! 50% off!!
  59. Lipo 8000 & Eflite charger question
  60. Can I see a discharge graph of the 35c 4200 cell?
  61. expensive plane needs battteries
  62. 1/16th scale Revo and Slash pack listings....
  63. 2500 mAh Li-Po tx'er packs packs on SALE!!!
  64. 800 mAh 2S and 3S packs on sale!!!!
  65. Server Switch TODAY!!! Website will be down!!!
  66. Looking to buy Lipo(s) and charger: Questions
  67. Lipo cut off help please
  68. The New Water-Sealed packs!!!!!
  69. Cold + Lipo = ?
  70.'s Official Stance on pack heating and bumping.....
  71. Can anyone give some info
  72. I want to use an 11.1v pack but can't go over 6v...
  73. Whats a good lipo charger/balancer for my efirestorm?
  74. hyperion eos 0601i ac/dc balance/charger
  75. A123 TECH
  76. 11.1/1800MAH VERSES 11.1/2200 MAH
  77. hyperion duo charger
  78. Attention 1/10th scale touring car racers!!!!!
  79. Hey Gang it's Cyber Monday at get your free............
  80. what rate to charge at?
  81. Attention Fans!!!!!!
  82. Maxamps nimh 4700mAh batteries
  83. The New 30C 6500HC 7.4 volt pack
  84. Lipo went dead
  85. what do i do?
  86. ran battery till cutoff now what?
  87. first time charge question
  88. need blinky help
  89. maxamp battery with blinky question.
  90. need help how to charge lipo battery
  91. 2s/3s balancer
  92. what could be wrong?
  93. 0610i question
  94. Triton charger for use with MaxAmps
  95. You might want to check this out!!!!!
  96. Need Help Balancing Maxamps Lipo
  97. Free 3yr/300 cycle warranty on all new Li-po packs!!!!!!!
  98. blinky balance with align
  99. Shotgun vs Flat
  100. blinky taps
  101. MaxAmps 4700mah 9 Cell 10.8V Flat Hump Pack
  102. Hyperion and YeahRacing
  103. Lipo Ratings 1P, 2P....???
  104. lipos in parallel
  105. Need advice from MaxAmps
  106. i need a lipo balancer
  107. Discharge Graph for the New MaxAmps 35C ROAR Approved 4200SS 2S 7.4 volt pack
  108. How do/did you ship?
  109. The ROAR Approved MaxAmps 35C 4200 pack is here!!!!!!!!
  110. Do you guys have any Canadian Distributors?
  111. Balancing Maxamps LiPos
  112. lipo first charge
  113. LiPo charging between heats?
  114. Turn-around Time?
  115. Free 3yr/300 cycle warranty on all new Li-po packs!!!!!!!
  116. GREAT Customer Service
  117. Live Product support Chat at
  119. hpi e firestorm flux
  121. 0610i Ni-Mh/Cd discharge rate
  122. New Maxamps 2s 8k packs
  123. i want a lipo to go 100+mph
  124. charging maxamps 6000 with hyperion 610i
  125. Power supply for Hyperion Duo
  126. Maxamps 2500 TX pack
  127. Lipo lost capacity?
  128. Reciever battery for Losi 8ight t
  129. blinky balancer
  130. how to determine ESC needed for BL motor
  131. Lipo balancer question
  132. Not terribly impressed with Maxamps
  133. maxamps 8000 battery
  134. 10000 mAH cells on sale at for a limited time!!!
  135. 11.1 v li-po 20c safe to use with a 25 amp ESC?
  136. speaking of building hump packs
  137. Questions on the Traxxas VXL ESC
  138. FP V-Balancer Compatability
  139. Questions about charging/cycling
  140. i need lil help with my hyperion charger
  141. Can you make me a pack?!?
  142. New maxamps 5000mAh 3s lasted like 5minutes in the cold??
  143. LBA 10 Balancer Major issues
  144. Transmitter pack for Spektrum systems
  145. Hyperion EOS0610i Duo
  146. HELP!!! lipo cutoffs?????????
  148. MaxAmps Lipo 2500 11.1V Transmitter Flat Pack
  149. I didn't get my 5% discount!!!
  150. 6060i question
  151. Cellpro 5S Balancing Tabs
  152. Is my new charger working properly?
  153. The New MaxAmps 2S and 3S 800 Micro Heli packs are instock!!!!
  154. Rustler VXl Battery & charger!
  155. 7.4v with charger?
  156. Newbie many cells do I have?
  157. HYPERION EOS 0606i AC/DC
  158. The New MaxAmps "Skins" are in and ready for individual sale!
  159. Stock HBK2 lipo batt and motor getting HOT
  160. Questions about the VXL Kit
  161. MaxAmps and EC3 connectors
  162. Attention!! The New MaxAmps Skins are In and available for all 1/10th scale packs
  163. New Lipo User Wannabe
  164. Covering lipo packs with masking tape.
  165. Maxamps= great customer service!
  166. Thanks for the thank you cards
  167. Batteries in Series question
  168. E-Maxx What battery and charger??
  170. Shipping lipo's in cold cold weather.
  171. Effects of running Lipos in series
  172. Battery application
  173. Charging & Balacing two packs in series
  174. How do I leave my LIPO battery when done using?
  175. New Maxamps 4700mAh NiMH 7-cell hump pack
  176. "Freshness" of Maxamps lipo packs?
  177. Take a LOOK at the New stuff that just showed up at
  178. xray m18mt
  179. Running MaxAmps batteries to under 3.xx voltage?
  180. Hyperion / Maxamps balance plugs ?
  181. happy holidays
  182. A MaxAmps Testimonial
  183. great battery
  184. Questions on purchase and transmitter lipo pack questions
  185. Hitec Eclipse 7 QPCM w/Spectra Module and receivers for sale
  186. Bo Bo on order (mine)
  187. mah help
  188. lipo balancing issue
  189. out of stock and can't fill order
  190. charging/balancing two 2s packs
  191. battery for a GP P 40
  192. LVC for e-savage
  193. Something New
  194. The New Hyperion Chargers are in stock!
  195. I've seen 20% off advertised for rcu members and hae some q's
  196. Balancer ???
  197. Free Informational DVD
  198. Maxamps 2s 4000mAh in an XL1 Stampede?
  199. Battery Temp
  200. 6000 2S2P
  201. Battery Info
  202. Battery Repair
  203. Break in needed or not
  205. Balance and Advice
  206. At I-Hobby Expo, Chicago October 18th-21st
  207. LiPo life
  208. New Nimh Cells available at
  209. 3300mah, 3600mah Stock??
  210. New to Lipos
  211. What's battery for MY Rusty VXL
  212. Charge rate equation? Beginners question
  213. New Full Time Member of the MaxAmps Team
  214. Balance Adapter
  215. 5000mah 11.1v lipo doesn't work out of the box :(
  216. HELP can i join two nimh 6volt humppack
  217. batterys?
  218. HV versus mah
  219. possible solider joint problem
  220. Lipo for a electrix star
  221. Delivery Time
  222. Now that we are back up and running...........
  223. is back up and running
  224. MaxAmps server Crashed
  225. Check out for your Traxxas VXL packs.
  226. MaxAmps At MARCEE 2007
  227. speed controller help
  228. How many amps does a N/1230 PA motor draw?
  229. balancing
  230. MaxAmps at MARCEE in MN June 23rd and 24th, 2007
  231. Maxamps 7.4V 6000mah 2s2p lipo top charged voltage.
  232. Scorpion 2S Lipo Charger
  233. Charging/Discharging Cycles
  234. how does the 3 year/300 cycle warranty work?
  235. apache/hyperion vs equinox/electrifly taps
  236. 4.4K Top Qualifier 4400mah 6 Cell Sport Pack Doesn't fit in my E-MAXX
  237. 7.4v 8000mah balloning (slightly)
  238. 6000HV 7.4v 2S2P
  239. 4000 mah lipos inflated?
  240. power supply/charger problem
  241. Discussion - Lets see I think I'll use this Li-Po today........WRONG!
  242. battery charger problems
  243. Quick blance tap rewiring question
  245. When is my order going to ship
  246. NOOB battery questions
  247. Balancer Question
  248. I have yet to receive confirmation or an order ID
  249. Typical production time frame
  250. lipo and charger question.....

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