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  1. Something you might make yourself aware of
  2. Crystal Swapping.. Again
  3. AMA insurance question
  4. Has anybody seen my newsletter?
  5. Who should be AMA President?
  6. AMA made a mistake!
  7. Kudos to AMA Ex. Director Joyce Hager.
  8. More math help requested???
  9. (Joining) Member and I need help
  10. AMA's Model Aviation Internet Magazine
  11. Joining AMA
  12. Who should be informed if Any??
  14. test
  15. Apology to Don Nix
  16. C.D.s also get Ban on Instant Member--
  17. Autonomous Models, Ruminated
  18. FCC issues NPRM on BPL
  19. Small Changes in the AMA
  20. AMA service
  22. Why Can't AMA Members, well Senior Members get a magzine, OR DO THEY??
  23. AMA Safety code vs the Advisory Circular??
  24. New RC Airport
  25. Helicopter Flying Field Contamination
  26. Club Insurance
  27. Bashing AMA's Bureaucratic Cancer
  28. AMA insurance summary 2003
  29. Another AMA Record Attempt?
  30. AMA Political Trivia Quiz
  31. World Models Clipped wing Cub 48 engine..
  32. AMA card question
  33. AMA Guideline Question
  34. BPL Moving Forward
  35. help need to locate an AMA club
  36. Field Layout
  37. Leases and Over Fly Privilages
  38. Truth or conjecture?
  39. JPO Risk Management Initiative - 2003 Jet Event CD Survey Results
  40. AMA rule on changing radio crystals
  41. New Turbine Rules Pass
  42. ama requires but doesnt support
  43. Tactical to Practical on the History Channel
  44. AMA Numbers...Reinstating an old number
  45. OCC Explodes RC Aircraft SuperBowl Sun
  46. Park flyer frequencies
  47. IMAA BOD gives thumbs down to e-mail list
  48. small pitts special help
  49. Sharing Facilities. What do you think?
  50. EC Revisiting Safety Code Rule 9
  51. how rumors get started<G>
  52. Judge Judy and the AMA member case
  53. Pilot Boxes
  54. Random drug testing for AMA members?
  55. An alternative to speed limiters?
  56. JPO Position Paper Regarding The New Turbine Regulations
  57. Wanna' see Muncie?
  58. Food for Thought for all of us
  59. Rule Book Competition. Love it or leave it?
  60. To All AMA Whiners, Cryers and Complainers
  61. What do you think of the AMA web site?
  62. $58
  63. AMA setting 200 mph limit for all R/C aircraft?
  64. What is a guy supposed to do??
  65. Anti-jet set
  66. How old to join the AMA?
  67. Many Kudos to Distr. VIII VP, Dr Sandy Frank.
  68. IMAA VP Bush resigns
  69. Speaking of Turbines, Happy days are coming!!
  70. quick question
  71. IMAA to petition AMA re: big bird events
  72. How long did take YOUR card to come
  73. AMA Memebership Renewal
  74. AMA
  75. Would Like An Answer
  76. ARF problems
  77. Would you support a small dues increase to keep the medical insurance deductible low?
  78. Turbine Proposal Seminar at the AMA Convention
  79. Rule #9
  80. A.M.A. Convention report
  81. AMA convention in Ontario CA
  82. Nov EC Minutes Posted
  83. Dave Brown in Feb04 Model Aviation
  84. Club Responsibility
  85. Food for thought
  86. signed up for AMA on the net via a district website
  87. Recall AMA Board
  88. Speed limits
  89. Do AMA officers read this?
  90. so let down by public thoughts of RC
  91. Do you consider checkbook modellers to be second class citizens?
  92. all this BS
  93. The Bombing
  94. Did You catch this? Club Officers note:
  95. OFF TOPIC!
  96. Introductory membership - blech!
  97. Dave Brown Speaks, now WE respond!
  98. CLUBS HELP!!!
  99. AMA Flying Site Grants HELP!!!!
  100. What's with the AMA Charter Club Locator?
  101. How long does the AMA take to process membership?
  102. How many consecutive years have you been an AMA member?
  103. Autonomous Models, Rewound
  104. Who is Tony Stillman?
  105. AMA work in Mexico ?
  106. why is AMA membership so cheap?
  107. “excess”????not secondary? have at it!
  108. WTB, Model Aviation – the Academy of Model Aeronautics monthly magazine01/02 - 09/03
  109. what is your oldest AMA card
  111. How many clubs actually own their flying site
  112. [&o][&o]
  113. What ever happened to S.F.A.?
  114. AMA & Why Clubs Do or Don't Join
  115. AMA Administration Foul-Up
  116. Do you feel that the AMA has a monopoly over clubs and events?
  117. Does your club require AMA membership/insurance?
  118. Onboard Identification
  119. Jim McNeill ... Why?
  120. AMA insurance, exclusive, monopoly or not?
  121. Broadband issue anyone?
  122. Electrics and the AMA
  123. Can an AMA club keep you from flying.....
  124. District V members - It's time to rally!
  125. individual paid flight instructor
  126. SFA/AMA how do we make it simpler?
  127. District V Claims New Record
  128. Why do I need to join the local AMA club?
  129. AMA District VIII Election is OVER.
  130. AMA online registration question?
  131. Is this an answer?
  132. Rules for Jets, 3 D, Scale, Pattern, et al---
  133. renegade jet pilot
  134. MORE than a HUGE BATTLE in AMA!
  135. Starting a S.I.G. ?? New Questions??
  136. Time for a NEW Organization/Structure?
  137. AMA Presidential Election '04
  138. Dave Browns Column in new Rag
  139. AMA CD dues price cut
  140. AMA Accident Reports
  141. Turbine Regulations Saga
  142. Key Board RC
  143. Thank goodness...
  144. Action from EC Conference Call for Turbine Waiver Changes
  145. AMA
  146. Fire
  147. Test
  148. RC and Model Rockets (inspired by the Discovery Channel programs)
  149. I've had enough, need some advice
  150. AMA Insurance confusion.
  151. URGENT - Huge Battle at AMA
  152. Help finding a AMA club and instructor
  154. AMA land, why do they need it?
  155. "3D Waiver"?
  156. Term Limits
  157. McNeill VP D-V on nomination proceedure changes
  158. IMAA election results
  159. updated jet rules
  160. Insurance issues accelerating?
  161. What AMA should be about! FUN & Flying
  162. Let's change the no 3D rule!
  163. Discovery Channel
  164. Which do you feel is more dangerous?
  165. Instructor's checklist ?
  166. Autogyros
  167. IS this all
  168. United Modeler - Gone?
  169. Before You blame AMA or any Club:
  171. houston area folks..moderator please close
  172. Is it true?
  173. We were laughing BIG time!!
  174. AMA Website
  175. About Model Aviation articles...
  176. Club sued for discrimination or another troll by I2DDD
  177. introductory membership?
  178. The Pooch got Screwed! By WHOM??
  179. Alternative to the RFS
  180. flying zones
  181. AMA Cards
  182. Buddy box responsibility?????
  183. [Awaiting Approval]
  184. Regional (state or otherwise) Flying Sites.
  185. J_R Vs. Hossfly - What do you think??
  186. ama "scale masters" question
  187. The end is near, so lets motivate people.
  188. broadband BS
  189. The "Average AMA Member"? I think so.
  190. Primary Vs Secondary Insurance
  191. Club board members sued!
  192. We are having an Effect!
  193. Ama membership
  194. Stress and AMA
  195. Changes to AMA Safety Code
  196. Intentions for the future of District VIII.
  197. EC agenda now posted For next EC meeting
  198. AMA for profit
  199. How is your club going to handle the AMA Trial Membership
  200. Why AMA or a club ?
  201. alterior motives
  202. I need help from District VIII modelers
  203. On ethics and RIGHTS of AMA member.
  204. AMA Online Renewal??
  205. Stuff you wish you didn't know about
  206. Just for Your Information //EDITED//
  207. The EC, Morals, and Ethics
  208. Deceptive AD???? about AMA?
  209. District VIII ballots
  210. Frequency Control Board
  211. Isn't there an election in D V.
  212. Ethics, Morals, and the Nominating Process
  213. autonomous flight
  214. AMA Correspondence Needs Revision!
  215. A SLEEPER? SF/JB Nightmare???
  216. AMA Communications ??
  217. Get involved in the AMA and vote!
  218. AMA Stock Market Loss
  219. Where did it all begin?
  220. Garbage in - Garbage out
  221. I predict that.
  222. TX,ARK,LA,NM,&OK Decide for Yourself
  223. Sandy Frank Responds:
  224. Unknown D8 candidate awaits Election Results
  225. An Open Letter to Sandy Frank
  226. An apology to Horrace Cain
  227. Nominating Committee Minutes
  228. HELP!
  229. Where was the AMA
  230. Horrace Cain and Bomber Field?
  231. is it stable enough?
  233. Another AMA site is open
  234. AMA flying field??
  235. AMA fee structure ambigious? -edit: Thanks for the answers!
  236. Flying field question
  237. new place
  238. Pro-rated membership fees ???
  239. Disctict VIII campaign statements
  240. D 10 --- Rich Hanson Campaign Statement
  241. paintballs
  242. Endorsement for Jim Branaum
  243. Confusing Fee Structure.
  244. $1500 lifetime membership fee
  245. Safety Issues
  246. Whoops I done it again
  247. Time to throw in the towel, Jim Branaum?
  248. Jet Compromise Proposal
  249. New Minutes of AMA EC Meeting on the Web.
  250. Flying site problems.