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  1. DRONE crash in Italy almost wipes out down skier !
  2. FAA Registration Poll
  3. Use " PrePaid Credit Card " to register with FAA
  4. I registered today! How are you marking your model aircraft?
  5. The registration link
  6. Link to UAS registration
  7. We should have policed ourselves better?
  8. Should the AMA ask a celebrity to promote non registration of Model Aircraft?
  9. No need to register for now
  10. Well this just arrived!!! Thoughts?
  11. Petitioning AMA members for separation from drones
  12. Open Invitation to the AMA
  13. Stop the FAA!!
  14. Let's join together and refuse the FAA registration
  15. Model registration - The bottom line
  16. UAS's and FAA registration Question
  17. AMA, Best Buy and Drones
  18. Registration number size and placement ?
  19. Doh!
  20. This is the last weekend to fly free!
  21. " AMA " should pay members " FAA Registration Fees "
  22. With all the hype who is going to leave the hobby?
  23. OK now what
  24. Its time to get mad and even!
  25. MY GUESS FOR 2017, whats yours?
  26. Registration Poll
  27. Who cares about $5 and a number, what's the next step?
  28. US Senator wants MORE regulation, registration is not enough?
  29. FAA Regulations potentially Dicriminating. Act.
  30. Lets remove the AMA leadership!!!!
  31. Thanks ama, thanks for nothing!
  32. Registration
  33. It is official. You have to register your model with the FAA
  34. "Drone" vs "Model Aircraft"
  35. AMA embracing Drones / Multi-Rotors / Quads, a bad decision?
  36. National airspace vs local laws
  37. " NO RADIO CONTROLLED " of any type to be allowed in Albany Country, NY
  38. Meanwhile , while everyone was arguing about DRONES ............
  39. Yes or No , Do you think the AMA was right or wrong to embrace DRONES ?
  40. Ama responds to dot/faa task force recommendations
  41. FAA/DOT Registration Task Force Recommendations
  42. Will you register your model plane?
  43. And , In other Stupid Drone news !!!!!
  44. Best Buy ad for Yuneec 4K drone with FREE AMA Membership!
  45. WAKE UP AMA. Another field closed!!
  46. Judge dismisses charges for shooting down a drone.
  47. where do you fly,? seattle-tac area,besides marymoor park, redmond
  48. A thank you to irresponsible pilots
  49. R/C Aircraft pilots can be jailed in L.A. Cointy
  50. Are you ready to register your aircraft?
  51. What do you do to share your hobby?
  52. Imaa?
  53. AMA fields that exclude AMA groups.
  54. AMA partnering with industry to present Las Vegas Drone conference. Tickets only $540
  55. AMA Survey
  56. What is Traditional RC modeling?
  57. Is Model Aviation inadvertantly fanning the anti-drone flames?
  58. Proposed Drone Law in California
  59. logon issues with memebers only section
  60. is the media misstatement of "5 mile from airport" law intentional?
  61. FAA guidance on UAS investigation and enforcement. This just out.
  62. one of ours
  63. Amazon's airspace proposal
  64. Drone collides with full scale plane video
  65. Still no AMA 2014 Financial Statement on website?
  66. More Drone Issues...
  67. Field security
  68. The ama is selling member's personal information to nationwide insurance company.....
  69. Did the FAA changed there mind again ?
  70. Question for Contest Directors, RE: FPV racing.
  71. The Henry S. Villard Trophy
  72. Change is coming...
  73. Does your club allow intro flying?
  74. AMA membership numbers by state
  75. Another Drone Incident
  76. Insurance - AMA dues - Are we paying our fair share
  77. Yet another genius.
  78. AMA Insurance
  79. Turbine waiver
  80. FPV and Narcissism??
  81. How Much Damage? (part 2)
  82. Airport relationships?
  83. AMA Above The Government?
  84. Dues increase coming? 1 million spent on government relations.....
  85. Ama should have left faa alone!
  86. NPRM FAA Rule making Policy (HUMOR )
  87. Are there any Nationwide CBO's other then the AMA?
  88. News FAA rules leaked online
  89. Any of this new info on the quad/drone situation?
  90. How much damage?
  91. Drone
  92. No Drone Zone
  93. Educate, don't regulate, drone fliers
  94. "Drone" at the White House
  95. Missouri - HB 370 to ban all RC Flying 5 Miles fan a airport
  96. Here we go!
  97. FAA enrolls State, and local Law enforcement to curb UAS, and model aircraft?
  98. AMA and Notams
  99. The MA mag for joining AMA
  100. BY LAWS change request
  101. Do we really need the ama, or is it just like auto insurance...another ripoff?
  102. time to stop the dromes..........NOW
  103. FAA will require a pilot's license to fly a drone
  104. FA rules for drones less than 55 pounds include omer iCal flights to daytime only.
  105. Be Worried Now. NTSB Says RC=aircraft
  106. AMA Election Results
  107. South Park "The Magic Bush"
  108. How about this?!!!!
  109. Another Drone Pilot does it Again
  110. AMA Park Flyer elecrtic only ?
  111. Vote for HANK MAUSOLF for District IV Vice President
  112. FAA working to make radio control flight illegal
  113. a sticky wicket, indeed
  114. Ken Karpinski for AMA Dist III VP
  115. AMA incident report database?
  116. Big Change!
  117. Question for Horrace Cain, candidate for AMA Executive VP in 2014 re: AMA and drones
  118. FAA leaves drones out of NextGen air trafic control system
  119. Fear mongering? AMA members with airman certificates?
  120. District IV evil election?
  121. Imaa closing-the real story
  122. FAA Approves Drone Flights In Texas
  123. Ama attempts to ''rig'' upcoming executive vice president election
  124. NASA wants to establish traffic rules for drones, model airplanes
  125. Question re effectuality of PL 112-95 Sec 336
  126. Propriety AMA Safety Standards fo Model Aircraft
  127. New NPS position on Unmanned Aircraft?
  128. Large Model Airplane inspector
  129. Fpv - sig???
  130. IMAA Dead
  131. September issue of Model Aviation
  132. Another "Drone" incident in the news... , mostlikely non AMA member
  133. Division among AMA members? Battle lines being drawn....
  134. AMA to spend $250,000 on FPV
  135. FAA intentionaly hyping up Drone News. AMA needs to go to WAR!
  136. FAA Issues "Interpretation of the special rule for model aircraft"
  137. Paint Ball Shoot Down
  138. AMA's "Model Aviation" magazine, June 2014 issue
  139. Reasoning for AMA club officers
  140. AMA and UAS expertise at Agricultural Show
  141. Members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)
  142. What Words Mean - or, A Drone is NOT an F-4!!!
  143. Drone hit a building
  144. "Drones" Banned in a National Park? Things are heating up for sure......
  145. Club bylaw wording needed
  146. New Club in Atlanta Suburbs
  147. RC Familiarization Flights for non-AMA members?
  148. AMA Club insurance
  149. Initiation Fee?
  150. FAA fine against drone photographer dismissed.
  151. interesting reading
  152. New rules when in proximity to an airport? How close?
  153. I am confused about MA videos
  154. Dave M in March Model Aviation
  155. AMA Service
  156. Jet Jam can go on
  157. Should AMA create a new tier for FPV
  158. AMA field requirements
  159. Requirements for the Operation of Remote Control (RC) Aircraft at Full Scale Airshows
  160. AMA's Model Aviation: 02, 2014
  161. AMA again Win a Quadcopter
  162. Any problems with AMA website?
  163. Contest Directors: New item : Flight Safety Declaration Form & Other
  164. The Face Of The AMA
  165. AMA Numbers
  166. FAA and AMA to sign landmark agreement at AMA Expo 2014
  167. Drones, FPV, Multirotor, sUAS your opinion please!
  168. Park Flyer Membership and Multi Rotor Aircraft
  169. AMAZON'S Future Mode of Goods Delivery
  170. Good for another two years .....
  171. Drone strike kills 2 year old, photo needs to be changed.
  172. FAA releases "Integration of Civil UAS in the National Airpsace Roadmap"
  173. KidEpoxy
  174. Embracing new technologies
  175. Does the AMA Prorate Membership?
  176. AMA in Muncie
  177. Has the government shutdown affected your AMA club field?
  178. Model Aviation, Oct 2013 - Free Plans!
  179. AMA's Model Aviation, Oct. 2013 issue
  180. Free R/C Park threatened
  181. What does this mean for FPV & aerial photography in TEXAS?
  182. Contest Director and problem flyer
  183. Model Aviation online - good news
  184. Major RCU Upgrade
  185. AMA Safety Code 2c - Your Interpretation?
  186. New Post in Events listing
  187. AMA and FAA to sign an "agreement" within 90 days?
  188. large model question
  189. AMA Dues
  190. Should you belong to certain AMA clubs ? read on ...
  191. Model Aviation mag. expense down.
  192. Help filling out IRS Form 1024 for Non Profit
  193. A few minutes with the AMA and Dave Mathewson
  194. Time to write to Your DVP
  195. new survey
  196. Assisting AMA and CLUBS.
  197. AMA asking for donations?
  198. Pilot box
  199. UAV, FPV Club protocols?
  200. Here Come The Feds
  201. Should AMA raise the Liability Insurance Limit?
  202. OK, CDs, What would you do?
  203. All Season Program still around?
  204. AMA emails on Drones/Right to Fly
  205. Uh Oh !!
  206. Forget the DOGS. It's Bash AMA time.
  207. Model Aivation iPhone app?
  208. Who's Going to the AMA Convention?
  209. Digital version of AMA mag available online.
  210. Is the Seven Towers RC Club closed Kennedale?
  211. MA Columnist reflect on flying season
  212. AMA Good Times and same for us.
  213. Long time AMA member wins Nobel Prize.
  214. Is this forum on life support?
  215. Journalists using drones.
  216. Prop Stopers Club members.
  217. AMA issues new guidelines for FPV
  218. A new AMA
  219. Looking for the best AMA fields in the Northern NJ area.
  220. Land Fills and Runways
  221. AMA District IV Election Request
  222. giant scale(taken to extreme)
  223. 9-29 AMA Member Meeting, Texas
  224. Dues are due!
  225. AMA-Citizenship Requirement?
  226. AMA Seeks Official's Flying Site Awarness.
  227. Help finding article in magazine
  228. Securing your AMA field
  229. Flying field
  230. NOTAM from Hell
  231. AMA Forums to AMA Blogs
  232. Model Aviation and Dogs
  233. Online Club Management.....
  234. AMA FORUM thread
  235. AMA to close the AMA Discussions Forum
  236. Past article? Help.
  237. 2 flyers, 1 AMA membership?
  239. Field with in 5 miles of airport letter
  240. AMA EC Meeting 7-20-22 /12
  241. AMA dues increase
  242. Ultra lights
  243. Just came across this article Model Plane Terror Plot tonight from ABC News site
  244. Thanx for getting me junkmail
  245. CDs been waiting for:
  246. More Drone stuff. INTERESTING!
  247. RC Car Track In Muncie?
  248. MA article on tip thrown glider declage timer.
  249. This should help bill requiring warrant for drones.
  250. Educate by building not by testing