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  1. Leader Members
  2. Questions for PP Members
  3. The new EVP
  4. AMA vs ARRL
  5. Election Results For 2009 Officers
  6. model aviation magizine
  7. Congratulations to Mr. Mark Smith the AMA EVP Elect.
  8. Good news! PPP is a success!
  9. Should we pay PPP to renew as PPP?
  10. NEW RULES:
  11. Coming Elections
  12. Restarting our local ama club statis
  13. Dec 2008 Model Aviation
  14. field separation
  15. Interesting Reading
  16. $88 AMA won't get from me anymore
  17. Election results?
  18. Improve Model Aviation Magazine?
  19. Taxiing in the pitts...
  20. Check This:
  21. IMAC Elections are almost over
  22. AMA Election - When is it over?
  24. Park Pilot Program– Effect on clubs
  25. Still no increase in AMA Membership for 2008
  26. reguarding ama numbers
  27. Are any of the DVP's supporting Horrace?
  29. FYI AMA MA numbers.
  30. FBI terrorism task force
  31. Las Vegas, NV
  32. Renewing On Website
  33. ACORN
  34. AMA Nominating Procedures
  35. EC Meeting Sat. 10-25-08
  36. Is it okeydokey to choose not to vote in AMA election
  37. Food for Thought: HC vice MS
  38. Do you work hard to create RC products and advertise in MA, beware
  39. Magazine ad rates
  40. Model Aviation History
  41. AMA Marketing Committee, Conflicts and Standing Rules
  42. When Did This All Start?
  43. Insurance coverage for jet operations?
  44. The Good That AMA Does
  45. Why I cannot support Mark Smith for AMA Ex. VP.
  46. Why I'm Supporting Mark Smith
  47. Cast Your Vote!!
  48. AMA cd deal
  49. Youth Program
  50. $10k '81 Freq Investigation
  51. Candidate forum impressions
  52. Jetero R/c vs. Hurricane Ike
  53. Pilots Choice selection
  54. What Would YOU Do If You Were On The EC?
  55. Some PPP Answers from AMA
  56. From the MS canadate forum... Discount for AMA
  57. Ike Aftermath
  58. AMA Corruption??
  59. Why all the resistance to the PPP?
  60. Clovis MADS
  61. Horrace Cain vs Mark Smith
  62. Yes or No. I am an AMA Member
  63. What Do You Guys Think?
  64. Unprotected people
  65. mark smith here
  66. How Many AMA Members Are Here
  67. Renewed Membership
  68. RNC Restrictions
  69. Better AMA hover proximity rules
  70. Hovering next to yourself-AMA rules?
  71. 2008 membership
  72. Mark Smith??
  73. What Does An EVP Do Exactly (#2)
  74. Opportunity for Learning:
  75. AMA card nametag?
  76. PPP freedom of speech
  77. Abel Pranger the new candidate!?
  78. write-in campaign for Bob Mitchell AMA #903015
  80. Why Hoss?
  81. important AMA survey!!!
  82. What Does A Executive Vice President Do Exactly?
  83. Camp lejeune RC flying allowed???
  84. Questions for AMA EVP Candidates
  85. Medina, OH club starting (members and help wanted)
  86. AMA National Ex. V.P. Election, 2008.
  87. AMA Nationals
  88. AMA's Experimental Aircraft Process
  89. How often do you fly?
  90. Need some info on AMA
  91. AMA membership
  92. AMA District 1 Website...
  93. Should AMA discontinue the Senior Citizen discount
  94. AMA Publicity
  95. August MA
  96. first person video piloting... anybody else heard of it?
  97. Election for AMA Executive Vice President
  98. How do you make a grown man cry?
  99. I have to show reciepts??
  100. Free place to fly in San Antonio
  101. When did AMA get into the insurance business?
  102. PPP Solvency, Should it run at a loss?
  103. Time is running out!
  104. where to fly?
  105. AMA/PPP Financials
  106. AMA for my son
  107. Chartered club with No Flying Site Issue
  108. 2.4G impound at NATS?
  109. Official AMA position to ???
  110. How useful and informative are the threads in this forum?
  111. Used as a referance by new member
  112. Beware getting on any AMA Committee; Funny???
  113. Ama doing what they want
  114. PPP getting more PR via smarketeers
  115. What have YOU done besides P & M?
  116. Member Appreciation Weekend!
  117. How do you handle club members that don't obey no fly zone rules???
  118. Is the first Chartered PPP club violating the rules?
  119. Futaba Receivers
  120. July issue of MA
  121. Model airplanes might get parked
  122. Confusion on AMA rules for flying field
  123. When to join
  124. AMA Employment
  126. AMA Coverage on Aero News Website
  127. What is my liability if I do damage with an RC airplane not at a sanctioned AMA field?
  129. insurance claims?
  130. Frequency Agreements Necessary when 2.4 GHz is used near AMA field?
  131. The Insurance Salesman Cometh
  132. June issue of Model Aviation
  133. AMA LEADER members: Please: ??s
  134. Frequency Interference at Our Field
  135. Posting rules at club field
  136. IMAA Board of Directors Meeting
  137. Canada coverage with AMA?
  138. flying off of water
  139. Hoss Fly recieves an Award!!!
  140. Do we need another discussion forum Re: places to fly?
  141. Plans for Run-Up Stand
  142. April "Bottom Feeder" ignored in June MA.
  143. GAO report on unmanned Aircraft in US.
  144. QUESTION - Flying near an AMA field?
  145. AMA Notes
  146. Here we go again!
  147. So, has anyone seen the new PPP magazine yet?
  148. about ama membership
  149. Interesting tidbit from the President's Blog
  150. NON CD AMA/IMAA Event!!
  151. Membership notification.
  152. 2008 Flying Site Grant
  153. Question about the 400 foot limit.
  154. Monthly club reports
  155. AMA LEADER Members: Work headed your way.
  156. AMA's PPP - A viewpoint and a couple questions
  157. CD's
  158. Will the AMA be there?
  159. Contact your DVP? Works! Membership Dynamic.
  160. young pilot
  161. interesting thread here
  162. "Opinions are like-----------------"!!!!!!!!!!!
  163. Anything AMA or anybody, no set subject
  164. The "legislature" again soon to be in session.
  165. park pilot legal logo
  166. Chopper Pilots, Check AMA Web site
  167. Who takes care of ama web site
  168. Am I insured immediatley once I pay throught the AMA site? site?
  169. Youth Membership
  170. Tech Director......or NOT?
  171. List of PPP chartered clubs
  172. Straw and plastic wrap airplanes
  173. Discussion of My Response to Greg Hahn's recent "The Inside Loop" column
  174. Greg Hahn article in April MA - thanks
  175. One FLY can Ruin a great PIE !
  176. Any VP or AVP's post here?
  177. How do you verify Park Pilot plane speed?
  178. Signing up a youth AMA member question?
  179. ama club rseahawks.org
  181. Radio Active Airshows
  182. Loss of fields
  183. I suggest a name change from AMA to FEE
  184. Introducing Park Flyer Pilots to flying
  185. congradulations for Jeff Weiss
  186. Will your club allow PPP members to join
  187. Membership Dynamic - AMA's new thrust!
  188. expulsion
  189. Ad's in MA
  190. Definition of Park Flyer?
  192. ParkFlyers: Have you been kicked out of a park because..........
  193. District VII Vice President
  194. What has my AMA become?
  195. What Would Others Think Of Us?
  196. Board members and dues at your club
  197. Do a good deed plus update yourself:
  198. AMA Survey - MA
  199. ama and cookies
  200. IMAA
  201. AMA MEMBERS: Here is another NOT-TO-MISS.
  202. CLUB OFFICERS & Leaders -- don't miss this one
  203. The TIMES, They are a-changin' and so will model aviation.
  204. Help for a new club
  205. Do you think the ama has Sock Puppets here
  206. Should we have a qualification requirement for the Nats?
  207. Would you help a newbie to modeling if.......
  208. List of Airfields,,
  209. MA magazine has lost model building for ATF
  210. Dave Mathewson
  211. Just the Facts Sir, Only the facts:
  212. AMA site club field search question
  213. What is the biggest issue for the future of RC Model Aviation
  214. Park Pilot Volunteers Needed
  215. How does your club handle this?
  216. It's that time again: Chance to make a Change!
  217. Is it time?
  218. Television in 2/09, when for AMA RC?
  219. rules on F4C class
  220. AMA club site separation
  221. AMA flying site assistance?
  223. AMA Web ALERT Futaba 2.4 GHZ
  224. Will the PPP help or hurt existing clubs retain fields?
  225. Why are/would you be an AMA member, or not
  226. Is the cost of the PPP membership fair to other AMA members?
  227. Do you feel the "Value" of the $29PPP on par with $30Family tier?
  228. Getting the New Card?
  229. Park Pilot Program now open for business!
  231. AMA forum. Keep it or shut it down?
  232. Should PFs pay less for ALMOST same benefits as regular AMA members?
  233. Does your club inventory fuel?
  234. AMA Hires new Technical Director
  235. AMA Video in the Mail
  236. Freqs for sale, direct from manufacturer
  237. A new year and a new AMA Forum.
  238. AMA 2008 show
  239. The New Year
  240. Is the AMA forum a battleground?
  241. Good Luck "Dave"
  242. The AMA Magazine ?????????????
  243. Where are we going?
  244. Show Teams
  245. Analysis of Evidence ???
  246. Flying at the AMA Muncie site.
  247. Turbines and skis
  248. Bylaws
  249. Would they let this fly at Muncie?
  250. A few AMA card Q's