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  1. Is the cost of the PPP membership fair to other AMA members?
  2. Do you feel the "Value" of the $29PPP on par with $30Family tier?
  3. Getting the New Card?
  4. Park Pilot Program now open for business!
  6. AMA forum. Keep it or shut it down?
  7. Should PFs pay less for ALMOST same benefits as regular AMA members?
  8. Does your club inventory fuel?
  9. AMA Hires new Technical Director
  10. AMA Video in the Mail
  11. Freqs for sale, direct from manufacturer
  12. A new year and a new AMA Forum.
  13. AMA 2008 show
  14. The New Year
  15. Is the AMA forum a battleground?
  16. Good Luck "Dave"
  17. The AMA Magazine ?????????????
  18. Where are we going?
  19. Show Teams
  20. Analysis of Evidence ???
  21. Flying at the AMA Muncie site.
  22. Turbines and skis
  23. Bylaws
  24. Would they let this fly at Muncie?
  25. A few AMA card Q's
  26. Even My devious mind never thought this!
  27. AMA's new Park Plilot Program
  29. Question
  30. Try to guess, new Parkflyer program cost (not really a guess anymore $29)
  31. FYI. EC meeting Oct.
  32. Historical membership figures?
  33. Forum guidelines - Please read.
  34. Congrads to Dave Mathewson
  35. Have you reviewed an AMA "Insider"?
  36. SOS Different Day: NEW SURVEY @ AMA
  37. AMA flying site template for Google Earth?
  38. New AMA card for 2008
  39. I wish AMA's MA magazine would.....
  40. AMA Flight Instructor Approval?
  41. Membership Directory?
  42. AMA Elections forums closed
  43. Who has a lifetime AMA membership?
  44. Are you a club member where you fly?
  45. AMA gets 2nd knockout as protector of Freqs.
  46. 1/2a and AMA membership
  47. mixing fixed wing and helicopter flying
  48. It's QUIZ time again!
  49. Some person seems to be starting some sort of local anti-RC campaign
  50. Blood and gore in Model Aviation Magazine
  51. What changes at the AMA are DESPERATELY needed?
  52. Why did you vote for ...
  53. Who did you Vote for in the AMA Presidential Election?
  54. They're BACK!
  55. AMA Renewal 2008
  57. Would you still be a member of AMA if it was not a requirement of your club?
  58. Why do you belong to the AMA? Poll
  59. Aircraft stolen at AMA scalemasters
  60. What is a Districts VP's job?
  61. Airborne weaponry
  62. AMA Club Recognition and Reward Program
  63. FW for ProAMA: 2007 AMA Election Campaign Statements
  64. When is enough enough?
  65. Where to put the (X)
  66. Extra-AMA Modeling
  67. growth and media in the ama?
  68. Where's Oberdieck?
  69. Free buddy box still available from AMA?
  70. Dr. Sandy Frank, former D-8 VP In Muncie Wreck Oct. 1st
  71. Something to watch
  73. AMA Members, YOU will be FAMOUS:
  74. The e-ticket cometh
  75. We have lost one
  76. Contest Director Questions
  77. pondering: District Websight Accountability
  78. 2008 MEMBERSHIP
  79. Should AMA clubs allow non-AMA to fly
  80. Punishment for fraudulent AMA grants
  81. Dissatisfaction with the AMA
  82. Check it out.
  83. Db Testing
  84. It is about time
  85. Dominican Republic
  86. What are you waiting FOR????
  87. Is modeling becoming too diverse?
  88. AMA Elections Forum
  89. Muncie, we have a problem!
  91. Being Shot AT.
  92. District V
  93. AMA EC Meeting 12 Aug '07 motions
  94. help please
  95. What do we tell Reporters/Media?
  96. Latest AMA Discovered Threat to Aeromodeling: BEWARE
  97. Steve Kaluf and the AMA
  98. 2.4 gig Ribbion flag Color ?
  99. AMA Official Presidential Ballot Nominees.
  100. When do you just say no
  101. Insurance idea
  102. Dave Browns perception
  103. The good guys win
  104. State of the art
  105. age limit
  106. Has anyone actually used the AMA Insurance?
  107. 2.4
  108. Economy BOOM!
  110. Spooked?
  111. Are you an Ambassador of the sport, AMA, both…or none?
  112. national electric fly in
  113. Why do we have outlandish fees to join AMA clubs?
  114. New member questions????
  115. Have we forgotten our beginnings?
  116. Taking a Break:
  117. Should RCU posting be anonymous?
  118. Vol. 1 DVD from AMA
  119. Today is the DAY!
  120. Does your club have its Bylaws online?
  121. 503 C Question
  122. Must have 5 members for a club
  123. saftey officers
  124. AMA Video scheme
  125. AMA Turbine Waiver
  126. International Park Flyers Association
  127. Objectives of a Potential AMA President
  128. AMA insurance in a city park, can I get the right paperwork from AMA for it?
  129. Do The Right Thing, Dave.
  130. When should I start getting the magazine?
  131. Dear Mr. AMA.............
  132. R/C a terrorist weapon
  133. Membership Verification
  134. getting an AMA liscence/membership
  135. Roberts rules of order?????
  136. The internet and the AMA
  137. Needed! AMA president
  138. Buddy box program
  139. Can two clubs co-exist if they are less than 3 miles apart?
  140. Organize a new Flying Site
  141. D8 VP Sighting
  142. AMA Extreme Flight Championships
  143. fastest way to get ama?
  145. Notice for California AMA clubs
  146. A Fable of Satire, non-factual, just a thought.
  147. Voting members in AMA
  148. You wanted it -- You got it!
  149. Comments on AMA's survey?
  150. Texas is for R/C!
  151. June 2007 MA page 12
  152. Is the AMA wasting $$$ on liability insurance for chartered club officers?
  153. Minutes of April AMA Ex. Council meeting are Posted.
  154. AMA Lifetime Membership??
  155. J_R RIP
  156. I joined AMA today!
  157. spinner or no spinner
  158. Unresponsive
  159. closed landfill
  160. Competing with AMA
  161. Email
  162. Media Sensationalism
  163. Join AMA in June
  164. Big Opportunity for those at Joe Nall event
  165. Should I Join AMA ...
  166. AMA"s MA again loses $$$
  167. AMA and Young Guys
  168. This needs to stop gents
  169. Does AMA sanction watermelon busts?
  170. Should AMA Member renewals all be done at the same time?
  171. Dues
  172. What discounts does the AMA need to get rid of?
  173. Congratulations to Jeff Weiss
  174. SO...Whos protecting the members....???
  175. Float fly
  176. AMA, time to end membership discounts?
  177. dx6 rx's and plane size
  178. AMA legal questions
  179. They're Posted !
  180. Why Bob Upton should be inducted into the Hall of Fame
  181. Congratulations Jeff Weiss of Sacramento
  182. Missed Opportunities
  183. Member Voice in AMA
  184. Found in the Washington Post
  185. Your countrys equvilant to the US AMA
  186. age
  188. DRATS! I just HATE it when HE's Right!!!
  189. Why no AMA discount for active military?
  190. I just got first issue Model Aviation
  191. What DO you get for your $58?
  192. After u are gone 2
  193. after you are gone...
  194. Something else to stir the pot:
  195. AMA # ON WING
  197. April M.A.?/just found my answer...
  198. Questions
  199. Observation From One Member
  200. Another Kudo to 04/07 AMA/MA Coverage
  201. Can't we just all get along?
  202. New Stuff for Your Efforts;
  203. Who controls the AMA FORUM?
  204. New Hypothetical, one we should all fear...
  205. TAG Ideas
  206. Hypothetical situation
  207. PRO BRO coverage in April MA
  208. AMA card
  209. AMA Plan Service - Great Job
  210. Non-AMA member survey...by the AMA
  211. proximity to local flying club's field
  212. How did YOUR CLUB make out?
  213. What is HAPPENING
  214. Advertising Costs Out Of Sight!!!
  215. Electric Fliers; Check this:
  216. Card arrived
  217. Are you having problems with the AMA Web Site?
  218. Super important
  219. This forum really can get me going.
  220. Stirring the AMA Pot AGAIN !
  221. Old numbers
  222. I just became a menber of AMA
  223. Make a difference - Vote this year
  224. March 2007 Issue
  225. Thanks to Mr. Rice D8 VP...
  226. Frequency Board
  227. Field/Runway Mowing Fix
  230. New Radios and AMA
  231. Texas Recreational Use Statute To Add R/C HB 1183
  232. YOU only want the INSURANCE?? So do they!
  233. Points worth Consideration:
  234. Free buddy box
  235. AMA Forum: AMA Items. Unique, Eh?
  236. AMA Survey
  237. FAA Policy for UAS Operations
  238. turbine waivers,,anything new?
  239. Civil Discourse
  240. AMA District VIII Members- Check it out.
  241. WOW! Changes have been Made!!
  242. New AMA interests in beginners forum.
  243. termination thread pulled?
  244. AMA or Not AMA
  245. Assistance needed for flying site
  246. It's Amazing
  247. New ED has 1/2a roots!
  248. Dave, John Brodak and I have been telling You!
  249. Spinners
  250. Parade magazine article on rocket clubs