i have the sukhoi su 35 and devo 12s,first time when i have connected servos with reicever all were responding,then i have binding for fixed id and from then only chanel 3 response(throttle) but must be only throttle plug on receiver because if i plug all other servos nothing is responding.when unplug all rest works throttle normally!!!i have binded many times nothing at all. also i dont know how setup devo 12s with plane,dont know settings for this plane and how to do it.i have contacted hobbyking from where i bought the plane but cant help me,also sent many emails to manufucture of the plane freewing without answer!!!! i need first resolve servos responding problem then setup the plane,please if there is any one who knows the sukhoi su 35 and devo 12s please guide me simply step by step as also here where i live(cyprus)nobody knows this plane and transmitter devo 12s . Rgds Christos