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Help run out of channels, what do i use?


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Default Help run out of channels, what do i use?

Hi, i am new to very large large aircraft, i am building a 100inch TA-152 (a long nose very powerful wooden aircraft derived from a FW190D built in 1944) i have been flying R/C for 30 years up to 30 cc and have a lot of experience and i am now in the process of installing the flight electronics of the TA-152 with a 3W85cc approx. 40LB so i am moving into a new section of the hobby and need some help.
On looking and talking with other club members who have large gas models some are using your Smart-fly system, i have discussed it with them but i am still having trouble getting my head round it all.
My aircraft at the moment has 13 servo,s
2X 12KG on the ailerons taking 2 CHANNELS
2X 10KG on the flaps on a Y lead to 1 CHANNELS
2X 12KG on the elevators taking 2 CHANNELS
1X 10KG on the rudder, 1 CHANNEL
1X 2KG on the throttle with a Sullivan smoke skywriter taking 1 CHANNEL
1X 2KG on the choke, 1 CHANNEL
1X 2KG on Smoke, taking 1 CHANNEL for on/off
1X 2KG on parachute release,taking 1 CHANNEL
1X 2KG on air retracts, taking 1 CHANNEL
1X 2KG on bomb release, taking 1 CHANNEL

It has a 5200Mah Fromeco Lithium ion battery and a Fromeco regulator running 6volts, my radio is a 9cap with a 2.4 gig module and a Futaba R6014 FS receiver.
The 2.4 9cap only has 8 channels in 2.4 gig mode so the 14 channel receiver gives me redundancy for power connections.
As i am running out of functions on my 8 channels i am using at the moment 12 channels so i will have to use a second Pilot and transmitter for the Smoke/chute/bomb. Also i am not happy putting all that power through the receiver i must go to a Power system like yours.
I want to free up some channels on my 2.4 gig Futaba, with your system i think i can save 1 channel on ailerons and 1 channel on elevator is that correct? and can you see anywhere else i can save channels, also i will be using the choke as an emergency engine cut if needed that's not the best method i would like to have a optic kill switch but lack of channels stops this.
Can you show me from your products what you think i need and why and any improvements you think i can make. Will your system allow me to make end point/reverse etc to the 2 individual servo's if i connect it from the ailerons and elevator into your system?.
Thanks in advance Dave.
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Default RE: Help run out of channels, what do i use?

Hi Dave,
I think the best way for you is the PowerExpander MZ over the PowerExpander Eq10. Using the PowerExpander MZ you get 12 buffered channels available to you. You can also run low current devices (<250mA) directly off the two digital channels on your receiver. This would give you 14 channels if you had two low power connections directly to the receiver digital channels. You also get 2 outputs per channel, eliminating any "Y"s. I think you would still want to keep your ailerons and elevators split in this configuration so you can adjust them individually (The MZ does not have any servo matching). Let me know if you have any more questions.
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Default RE: Help run out of channels, what do i use?

check `POWER BOX' system from Germany.

The PowerBox 40/24 Professional was the first and only power supply to be used at a TOC event.
Go to web site

You will get what you are looking for..

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