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Power Expander & Fasst RX Placement

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Default Power Expander & Fasst RX Placement


I have the Power Expander Sport Plus model and was planning to use my first Futaba 2.4 Fasst set up with it on a GS P-51, a lot money will be spent and now I find out that these receivers have a heat Tolerance problem; in your instructions you indicate that the Receiver is mounted flat on the Power Expander using that Super Velcro and the Expander mounted on the rubber standoffs, etc; right? now Futaba recommends mounting these receivers on their side and possible on some standoffs to allow adequate air circulation around the receiver case; will this work with the Power Expander Sport model? I am considering not bothering upgrading to 2.4 and use 72 which does not have this problem, any recommendations or input would be helpful.

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Default RE: Power Expander & Fasst RX Placement

Hi Doug,

I Had the same concerns as you as far as FASST, Smart-Fly PE Set-ups and the dreaded heat issue. This photo is my set-up in a 35% YAK 54. As you can see, the reciever is installed in the stock location. The biggest concern is not allowing the equipment to "Heat Soak" while sitting on the ground in the pit area prior to flight. As long as it is kept away from heat sources, ie; Mufflers, Headers, Tuned pipes, Voltage regulator Heat sinks, Not Wrapped and insulated in foam and above all....shaded from Direct Sunlight! You'll be Fine.(A White Towel over the canopy works great.) Most of my Flying is here in the Southeast and temps have been over 95 with NO Problems!

I've done as much reading about the subject as possible using this and other Forums, what I found is, 99% of the problem shows up when powering up after the airplane has sat in the pit area, the reciever "Red Lites" and won't Bind to the Transmitter.

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Default RE: Power Expander & Fasst RX Placement

It is possible to mount the FASST receiver on its side, we have done it here. Doing this will expose the back to the air as Futaba recommends. We also have a Plexiglas receiver mount that looks like an "L" where the receiver mounts on the vertical leg of the "L". You could drill out holes in the Plexiglas that would permit more airflow to the back of the receiver. Let me know if you have any more questions.
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