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Next boat - looking for a fast mono!

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Default Next boat - looking for a fast mono!

After a couple of years of building all sorts of rc boats (scale, sailing, 'fast' with 540 motors), last year I built my first high performance boat.

I enjoy the building process, so started with an R2Hobbies 32.3" catamaran hull ([link=http://www.r2hobbies.com/rc-boats/hull/32-3-rc-ep-epoxy-fiberglass-godspeed-u-catamaran-racing-boat-hull.html]link[/link]). With a little carbon fibre reinforcement, this is a great hull - nice lines, pretty rigid, highly polished.

I outfitted it with:
Hardware from HOR Racing (flexible drive shaft)
Motor: Leopard 4074 2000kv brushless motor with cooling jacket
ESC: 180A Turnigy marine (water cooled)
Batteries: 4S: Turnigy 4000mah 40C (2x2S)
Prop: Balanced and polished x447
Transmitter: Spektrum DX3S
Receiver: Spektrum MR3000
Rudder Servo: Futaba S3003

This produced a maximum speed of 83.7km/h - which I was very happy with!

This maximum speed was recorded with no camera on the boat, and the GPS mounted inside at the front of the hull. This added weight at the front made the ride much flatter and smoother - in the videos below you can see the hull starts bouncing at around 3/4 throttle. In the videos, maximum speed is probably around 40-50km/h. [link=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZK43lFQzoU]front view[/link], [link=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHnRggYsalc]rear view[/link].

However, as this is is a cat, it's not the most maneuverable of hulls, and it's power's only really any use in a straight line. In addition, it really needs flat water to get up to speed.

For my next boat, I want to build a mono hull, which will be a lot more agile, and 'fun' to drive. In addition, I want to use a hull with a self righting chamber, so I can drive it without fear of flipping.

I really want to reuse the Leopard 4074 2000kv motor I already have, which I imagine would lead to a similar sized hull.

My experience with R2Hobbies has been excellent, and I would be happy to buy another hull from them. A few that have caught my mind are below - does anyone have experience with any of these, or have thoughts on how suited my 4074 motor would be to them?

[link=http://www.r2hobbies.com/rc-boats/hull/22-5-rc-ep-fiberglass-deep-vee-arowana-mono-1-racing-boat-hull.html]22.5" Deep-V Arowana Mono[/link] - looks great, flood chamber (which is a big plus) - however possibly too small for my 4074 motor?
[link=http://www.r2hobbies.com/rc-boats/hull/26-rc-ep-deep-vee-sea-force-epoxy-fiberglass-mono-racing-boat-hull.html]26" Deep-V Sea Force Mono[/link] - a bit bigger and probably more suited to my power setup - however no flood chamber which is a shame...

Any other thoughts on a hull? I'd really like to stick with pre-coloured hulls to avoid painting, and I'd rather not have something ARR, as I enjoy fitting it out with hardware from scratch. A flood chamber would be great.

I've attached some pictures of my current 32.2" cat so you can see my current setup!

Thanks for any thoughts,

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Default RE: Next boat - looking for a fast mono!

One of the best handling & fast stable hulls for that size motor on 4s is a 33" Delta Force Cyberstorm.
Looks like Steve only has orange or green to choose from at the moment though.

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