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Odd question for the speed addicts


Old 02-17-2019, 10:45 PM
Charles Vane
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Default Odd question for the speed addicts

I'm fairly new to RC boating but have been driving RC trucks and quads for several years and I have a weird question. With quadcopters and RC trucks, truggies, crawlers and buggies there are literally no limits to the possibilities and activities one can choose from; they never get boring. So I bought an HPI Sport 2 Sprint Flux (3s, AWD) BMW M3 street racer last year and loved it for about a month; after that it became pointless to me to drive as I found myself doing the exact same thing over and over. It was so ridiculously fast that my options for entertainment were very limited. I ended up selling it in less then 6 months for less than half what I had invested because it spent most of those 6 months collecting dust.

My question is this. I currently have two Proboat 3s speedboats (Blackjack and Shockwave) with max speeds of 26mph and 24mph and I love them both. I can jump waves at the lake, play in the river currents or spillways and even run up and down small creeks. I've heard rumors that the very fast boats (6s etc, 35mph+) can have the same result as my streetracer, requiring water as flat as glass to run at speed and can get tiresome or boring. Just curious if there were any truth to that. Does extreme speed on the water get boring?
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First off, mirror like surfaces are never required, even for someone like me that races scale hydroplanes.
What is different between wheeled vehicles and boats is, in a nutshell, the surface you run them on. Hard ground, as you have seen, never changes. Once you get the "groove" figured out on your race course, it's going to be same ol' same ol' every lap.
What makes boats different is, regardless of speed(obviously this doesn't include scale ships and boats since they are built to look like a full sized prototype), your running surface is always changing. Even if you start out with a mirror like surface, that surface changes as soon as you pass over it, making it constantly different. If you like the vee hulls, going bigger or faster won't change what you are doing since bigger will let you run in rougher water and faster will give you more airtime. Both of these come with bigger risks than what you are doing now as rougher water can result in taking on water and sinking while more airtime can result in bad landings, resulting in the same thing. It's really up to you to decide if bigger and faster is something you really want but you also have to take into consideration that bigger and faster also means you will need larger sites to run at
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