I flew an Escapade 46 for a couple of years and really enjoy it as a "take out and go have fun" plane. A good all around standby.
However a couple of weeks ago I had a mid-air. The first for me, and actually the first Real Mid-air I have seen in all my years of flying. It destroyed both planes. I was going to go ahead and replace the Escapade with another one as I enjoyed it so much, but I started looking for something with less dihedral, maybe a mid wing, something less stable in aerobatics. The closest I could find in size with my Escapade is the GP StingerII. Unfortunately it is not set up for Electric, which I wanted. So I am in the process of modifying it, I have the motor on, and am working on enlarging the 'fuel' compartment for batteries.
While it sits on my bench waiting for me to finish I got an email from Tower today talking about the new Escapade MX. It is mid wing, seems to have no dihedral, and is set up for electric. That was probably the plane I had been looking for along. They were either two weeks too late, or I ordered two weeks too early.

Now I have to convince my wife I need still another mid size sport plane. However I'm still giving the Stinger its chance. It may be a great one.