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scott36 09-22-2012 01:44 PM

New 40 size stick build.
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set this up for electric....
here is the link to this company i found, i got tired of waiting for hanger 9 to get there 40 size stick in so i bought this one, went together pretty good being my first build with having to glue the hinges for the first time. you can set this plane up as a tail dragger or tricycle landing gear, has a build in battery hatch that i just love

motor is a turnigy G-32prop test with the motor and 12x8 wood prop, 53 amps and 785 watts. iam gonna test a 12x6 apc prop just a bit high amps for this motor.
ended up with a 13x8 prop on it
got 3 flights in so far but to nervous to do more then get it trimmed out and try 1 roll and 1 loop so iam not sure how good the thrust is yet but all seems good with this prop so far..
just picked up a evolution 13x6 prop to try out later.

60 amp esc
4 cell setup

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