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wingbolt 11-18-2012 08:22 AM

parachute.figure ejection from model
I may try something I did 10 years ago that resulted in a minor crash. I used a Sig 1/4 scale spacewalker and the rear open cockpit to eject a parachute and figure. Unfortunately the chute got caught on the fin. It was not too bad untill on final when it slowed the model down too much, 6 hour repair. Going to use a Hanger 9 taylorcraft (80" wing) and open an area at bottom of fuse. Bought a chute/figure from the :American Science and Surplus " catalog that has a web system instead of lines. If you have never looked through one of these catalogs you are really missing lots of laughs. Anyway if anyone out there has tried this whether good or bad result I would appreciate any advice and would be interested. The idea I had was it would have looked good, the little guy being thrown up and out but the propwash was more than I anticipated. Or if anyone knows of a device that does this that I can buy great ! Thanks. Richard

Mr-Punk 11-18-2012 05:14 PM

RE: parachute.figure ejection from model
I don't know much technical advice on this subject, but it sounds freakin cool. I've only dropped parachute dudes from high wingers with a rubber band and servo release from the bottom of the fuse. Maybe if you could pull opposite g to the chute guy? It might help the plane clear the "jumper" ie.. In the instance of the Spacewalker, do a wreckless swerving maneuver and pop the guy in a negative outside banking turn. With the T-craft it would be cool to do a spin and drop him on the pull out. Great idea though. Get's my idea gears turning for an open cockpit with the pilot bailing out.. hehe


KitBuilder 11-18-2012 08:21 PM

RE: parachute.figure ejection from model
Pilot sittong on compressed spring/platform under his butt to eject him with force?

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