I just completed a test review of the SC4.18BL and DB4.18BL SPEED Series vehicles for Dromida where I concluded,

“The Dromida Speed Series draws a lot of attention, they are impressively fast, agile and easy to drive. They are novice-friendly and highly upgradable. And they are absolutely a racing option”.

Fast forward a couple weeks– I became more interested in pursuing more of what the Dromida line-up had to offer, and really wanted to see whether the BX4.18 brushed buggies had a shot on the track. I had a fever and the great big wonderful brown truck delivered the medicine just a few short days later.

The BX4.18 is Ready-To-Run (RTR) and requires nothing except patience. The included 6-Cell 7.4v 1300mAh NiMH battery and accompanying charger required ~5 hours to complete it’s first charge. Fortunately, subsequent charges are much faster, but I will recommend you consider multiple battery packs, or a good charger, or get both. In fact, the batteries are only $18 so buy a few of them, you’ll thank me later.

Dromida offers a nice variety with their lineup, and the buggy should be everything I’ve already experienced at the track, but better. While the BX4.18 buggy can do what the others can do and go were they can go, I’m mostly interested in these for the track.