Thanks so much for the response. really i would have called you immediately i saw the post . But am presently out of town and wont be back till Next weekend . So let me know if this works out for you . i will make sure my secretary conducts the check payment and get it sent to you She will send your payment and the person picking it ups fee as well.As soon as she sends it,I will keep you posted. Please kindly send me the info and details The check should be sent and to whom. kindly include the phone # i can get in touch with . thanks

ORIGINAL: keithtsr

Last night I was reading through some of the listing for Jets and I ran across a buyer names Mill Foster. This guy made a statement to the seller saying is this you last offer and are you an honest person.....

I have heard this before, Craigs list. Back in October I was selling a high end Harley and I kept getting questions like are you and honest person and is this your last offer. These people wanted to send me a Cashiers check or a Bank check, sounds good right, wrong. They want to send you a Bank check with additional money sent in the check for shipping. They ask you to cash the check and send them the money for shipping and they will arrange shipping and have some one pick up the merchandise. The problem is that the check they send you is no good, but good enough to pass through your local bank. It usually gets discover a couple of weeks down the road and bam your on the hook for the bad check.

I don't know really how to warn people about this crap, so please if you read this and you know how to warn people please help.