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caltrop 12-21-2011 06:40 AM

E-Fest Articles
I have not seen an E-Fest article since 2009. Did those guys piss you off? I know I don't like their web-site anymore; there's nothing there anymore but a couple of crappy videos.

Oh well, with this deteriorating economy we can no longer afford to fly anymore. That and the 2.4 GHz requirements for shows; I had a BAD Spektrum DX7 that Horizon NEVER made good on. I will NEVER buy first generation again!!! I lost several planes with the DX7 as did others I have found on the forums. Iwill NOT fly anything expensive with my DX7 anymore, only cheap foam that can be repaired or replaced economically. My larger more expensive balsa stuff is still 72 MHz!

Then there's problems I have had with other Horizon stuff like the ultra micro Four Site that came bad out of the box with bad motor & bad servos. We went to JR Fest and the Horizon crew were acting like JERKS. So things like E-Fest have lost a bit of fun. But I do miss the articles you used to have in your magazine/review section.

So we quit the AMA and only go to the shows to watch anymore but with the price of gas I doubt we go anywhere anymore.

Good luck in the coming storm because we're all headed into oblivion!

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