NEED SOMEONE WHO HAS run both engines to compare the power out put of both i think the OS 1.60 should put out more power

the ZENOAH g-38 is rated at 2.5 hp-the 1.60 is rated at 3.7 hp
the ZENOAH will turn an 18/8 prop at 7700 rpms
the OS 1.60 will turn an 18/6 apc at 8500 rpms

i see the ZENOAHS flying large planeswhat is the maximum weight a plane can be with this engine ?an example is a giant great planes LOU ANDREWS AEROMASTER-the ZENOAH flys it with authority
THE OS 1.60 IN threads i have read here puts out 19 lbs of thrust
will the OS 1.60 fly the same plane as the ZENOAH with more authority is what i am asking here or are they very possibly close in there power output

need people with hands on experience who can give me a good idea what these engines will do in an actual application