700' 55F

10% coolpower+2% castor
14x6 APC: 7550

15% Byrons
14x6 APC: 7800

10% CP
13x6 MAS scimitar: 9250

Definitely not YS power but the alternate firing twin sound is musical!
I got this engine at a swap meet at least 15 years ago (and the price was right!). It has been flying my Goldberg Anniversary Cub since then, and just recently on floats. Fuel draw was weak below half a tank (14oz) so I installed a VP-20 oscillating pump which works great. Mostly due to tank position as the cub just doesnt allow you to get the tank high enough for an "upright" mounted carb. I know its tough to find info on the old 80T but if anyone needs help with something I've gone through quite a bit with this engine (never tried a teardown so I cant help there)