HI please give me RPM readings and prop used -including the size and brand of prop-fuel and % nitro - for the OS 1.60 FX-i will be using the engine in a large biplane for scale like sport flyingthe top wing is 6 foot -and the bottom is 5.5 foot- so i have the drag issue of a bipe to deal withplane is a 1/4 scale STARDUSTER TWO-two open cabs one with a headrest and an eliptical top wing-very beautiful aircraftthe planes weight s/b about 18-20 lbs-i think an 18/8 menz or mejzlix prop may be the way to go- need a big prop with a low pitch for maximum torque to pull this puppy around-hopefully with some authority- it did at one time have a SUPER TIGER 3000 in it that flew it- (not sure how well ) but do not know how the OS would compare to it in terms of power- your experienced thoughts on the subject are very welcome THANKS TONY-