Hello and its really an honor to have my own space here on RCU. I find myself checking the forums and stuff about 3 to 5 times a week on average, normally at night before bed, so thought it may be helpful to participate with a forum, thanks to RCU.

Just a few things I wanted to say. First, want to make clear that I don't do this hobby for a living. Its very much a hobby and I spend time as I have it, and as permitted by my wife.

Therefore, the disclosure is that if I don't get on the forum, due to business trip (i.e., work) family activities, or preparing for (or attending) a competition event... I may not get to responding for a while. Flying is my first modeling priority.

Also, the fact that I'm hooked up on a 26.4 bps modem, and have at time marginal internet access service may contribute to responsiveness (or lack thereof).

I've got some knowledge, but don't consider myself an expert at much of anything, except what I do with the equipment I've got personal experience with. So I'll do my best to answer your questions but may have to pass on an answer, or refer you to someone else (or another resource) if I cannot answer.

Finally, a word about my sponsors. I want to be up front that I've got them and recommend/promote them (its the least I can do for their willingness to provide stuff to me). I'm sponsored by JR Radios, Desert Aircraft, Duralite Batteries, Piedmont Models, Central Hobbies, (let me run and check my plane) ... I'm back- Amsoil, JTEC, Kirby's Graphics, and True Turn. I'd like to thank my sponsors, as its made this hobby quite a bit more affordable (and easier convincing the wife that I can stay with it). I've been very happy with the performance of all the equipment.

Thank you,