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Adjustable wings AND stab!?#!?*!

Old 06-27-2005, 05:32 AM
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Default Adjustable wings AND stab!?#!?*!

I've flown airplanes with a fixed wing and adjustable stab, planes with fixed stabs and adjustable wings.
Whats the deal when faced with one that has both?
Roll trim for example, should I correct with the wings (as one would with say a Focus) or with the stab halves, as with a Synergy?
Pitch trim, same again, which option should one use?
Spoiled for choice here, don't know which is the correct approach.
Whats the gen' with you guys in the pro' arena?
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Old 06-27-2005, 10:57 PM
Don Szczur
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Default RE: Adjustable wings AND stab!?#!?*!

I adjusted the stab incidence to correct a tail-high or tail-low flying plane. The tail incidence also helps take out any elevator trim needed.

Wing incidence is also helpful. I have not flown a plane yet that does not need 1/8 inch negative incidence in the left wing. Its due to the prop slipstream. How do you know? Trim plane out for level flight, check inverted as well. Once this is done, then fly perfectly level into the wind and cut the throttle. If the plane rolls off to one side or the other you adjust incidence in that wing panel.

These adjustments are very helpful, let alone the convenience of being able to remove the wings and stab for easy storage, shipment and packing.

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