I fly at the same RC field that Don Practices at, and while its always neat to watch his routines, todays performance really impressed me. A cold front passed through last night and the wind was howling and very choppy today [:-] I have a large 20 pound airplane that I fly, and I fly in some pretty difficult conditions sometimes, but I was all over the place today [:@] The amazing part was that when Don flew all effects of the wind seemed to dissapear [X(] He flew his routine and the plane looked like it was on rails, and the drift from the 20 MPH wind that I had been fighting all day suddenly did not even exist anymore To top it off Don did the sweetest three point landing you would ever want to see... Now I would usually expect that from Don, but today the turbulance from the treeline resulted in more controlled crashes rather than landings for everyone else ( one broken gear today by an experienced flyer... )

Aside from the wind, I saw Don do some rolling circles right over the runway that almost had me hiding under the table, I just couldnt immagine that anyone could keep control of of an airplane changing directions and rolling so quickly [sm=confused.gif] It was a great show I just cant immagine anyone matching Dons skill level.