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Default Preferred Setup

Hello Don,

I am looking to get myself a competition machine and would be grateful if you could guide me.

I had been flying a Rubin setup with an OS 1.08 on a tuned pipe turning a 15 x 8 APC. The competition rules locally had not incorporated any snaprolls so this machine sufficed till now but I am looking to raise the bar on a personal level and the Rubin does not seem to snap well.

I have an OS 1.60 FX that I would like to use initially. It seems to have plenty of umph running an 18 x6 W on my 10.5 lbs Cap232 - sparkling performance - which is around the same weight range as a 2m patternship. Is it OK to go with this engine or is a YS 160DZ a must ? Are there any pilots out there using the 2 strokes in top level competition ? This also brings up the question of fuel - I was under the impression that FAI fuel was a straight 80:20 mix and that no nitro is allowed. If this is true, wouldn't the four strokes be less reliable ?

The other thing I can't get my mind around is the use of props with very high pitch but then I have never tried anything more than an 8" pitch. How do you slow down the down lines if you are using such a high pitch. Are the newer patternships designed to produce more drag.

Since there were no 2m patternships available locally, I got myself a Leo 110 (CMP models ARF) to throw about. I put an OS 120 AX on it and the performance is more than decent without a tune pipe and it snaps well too.

I have been searching the threads for a good model. I had my eye on the Impact from Comp-ARF but that is longer in production and has been replaced by the Integeral. The Impulse from BN Models was another interesting prospect with good flight reports. I am in the Asian region so something available in this region would be the way to go without breaking the bank.

I think I will save some of the other questions when thay are more pertinent.

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Default RE: Preferred Setup


You can continue using your OS 160. It is popular in pattern. Join the NSRCA. There is an article last month from Jon Lowe on this engine. Find a good pattern plane in the 2M range with a competitive setup. I recommend the FOCUS II although you would need to check Central Hobbies on international shipping. Comp ARF makes very good quality models but I am not familiar with the exact planes, at least have not flown them in pattern.

I know the YS 140 Sport was used on my Brio with a 17x8 propellor with good results flying lower classes, but I recommend the YS 160 for high level competition, or better easier flying in the wind. Three or four blade props will slow the plane down, if aerodynamics of the design is not optimized for this.
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