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    Quick Setup Tips for the 9303 JR

    Quick Reference for the JR 9303 Radio- Basic Aerobatics Airplane Setup
    by Don Szczur

    (The following other articles on the 9303 are also on additional articles are there if you would like more details) and a good article from Baron is at:

    To access the Function Menu, select “LIST”.
    To access the System Menu hold down the “ENT” button while turning on the Transmitter.
    To “select” using the scroll bar, just press down on the roller.
    All the servos should be installed properly, set up in correct throw directions.

    Step 1: Fail Safe. I highly recommend throttle fail safe, for safety consideration. Three quick steps. From the Function Menu, roll to “Fail Safe” and select. Scroll over to “THR” select. Move the throttle stick to low position and push the “CLR” button.

    Step 2: Separate Aileron Servos? If you are using a servo in each wing half, you will need to activate the Flaperon function. One step. From the System Menu, scroll over to “Wing Type” and select Wing: and scroll down to select “Flapperon”. Plug the right aileron servo into “Aileron” and the left aileron servo in to Aux 1. Inhibit the Flap switch and flap trim by selecting Device.Sel and “INH” them both.

    Step 3: Separate Elevator Servos? If you are using separate servo for each elevator half, you will need to mate Aux 2 to the Elevator. Two steps. From the FUNCTION Menu, scroll over and select “Device SEL”. Scroll down to the row that says “OUT” and select “INH” under the “AUX 2” column. Next, scroll back to “LIST”, select “Wing TYPE”, and scroll and push down when over the “INH” (“Mate” row under “ELEV” Column), scroll over and select “AUX2” Done. (be sure the right elevator half if plugged in to ELEV and the left elevator servo is plugged in to AUX2).

    Step 4: Servo Configuration. With the Rx powered, use the Rev.SW from the Function Menu to select and set proper up-down, right-left control surface deflection. Use the Sub Trim from the Function Menu and rotate the selector to fine-tune the control arm center point. (or, get around these steps by just using the new Hangar 9 adjustable arms). Now, mechanically adjust the pushrod to center each control surface. Check the “up” and “down” throw using a control throw meter such as CRC or Hangar 9 throw meters. Mechanically adjust the throw as close as possible. Then, for final tuning, use the TRVL ADJ from the Function Menu to get precise control throws. Check the “up” deflection on each aileron and the “down” deflection on each aileron to make sure they are consistent left wing and right.. Same for the elevators.

    Step 5: Dual Rates or Function Mode? For initial setup, I recommend dual rates. For dual-rate setup on the aileron, elevator and rudder, select “D/R & EXP”. Set the dual rates and expo easily from this menu. I normally start at 75% low rate and 18% expo, with 100% and 24% expo on high rate. The additional expo on high rate provides the same “feel” around neutral as you approach a spin or snap roll, for example. Its easy to switch to function mode if you want triple rates, or all the rate switches together.

    Step 6: Settings for Precision. After you get a flight or two on the aircraft with the airplane trimmed, I suggest reducing trim resolution by selecting “TRIM STEP” from the FUNCTION Menu from 4 to 1. Next, fly the plane at cruise speed, (normally about ¾ throttle for most planes) and trim the plane for “hands off” straight and level. Adjust the up line first (adjusting engine thrust and/or rudder trim as needed) then the down lines negative incidence on the wing panel side that is rolling toward on a down line). For fine tuning the down lines (vertical down lines with throttle at idle), select “PROG. Mix” 3, 4 or 5, from the System Menu and select #THR-ELEV mix. Why the # THR rather than THR? The #THR disregards throttle trim position, so you mix does not change if you change your throttle trim. Use the other available Program Mixes to mix rudder-to-elevator and rudder-to-aileron coupling if needed.

    Step 7: Throttle Curve. Well, there is not much to this adjustment since its already pre-programmed. You can shift parts of the curve up or down to give the same linear feel as you run your engine from idle through full. Normally, engines need a little bit of a lower curve from quarter to ¾ throttle.

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    RE: Quick Setup Tips for the 9303 JR

    How do you set up the left slider to control the throttle trim on the 9303
    to prevent the slider from affecting the throttle above half stick.
    For example.....with the stick at full throttle, moving the slider will
    change the throt channel position.
    Anyway....if you have any advice on how to set this up I would be most
    grateful.There are probably many ways to do this.

    Here is one. Go to PMIX 6, LLVR->THRO
    Scroll over and enter -25 for POS 0 with slider pulled to you. Next scroll over to THRO STK and enter 20 (or whatever point half throttle or below where you want the mix to stop working, 50 is mid stick)

    OK, now go to PMIX 5, LLVR>THRO
    Scroll over and enter +25 for POS 0 with slider pulled to you.

    Go back to list menu and hit "monitor". You can view whats going on with all of this stuff directly. It does not disable the throttle trim lever but effectively gives you the left slider as a secondary throttle trim.

    You can adjust the level of sensitivity of the slider by adjusting both the -25 and +25. What PMIX 6 does is cancel out the PMIX5 mix for every point after you designate your THRO STK point.

    Double check your control linkage end points or use the TRVL ADJ function to set your throttle end points as needed.

    Hope this helps,


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