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How to setup a 2x2 pattern plane for F3A


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Default How to setup a 2x2 pattern plane for F3A

Hi Don,

I am practicing pattern flying... i love to fly precession aerobatics & also enjoy watching the videos of world class pilots fly the maneuvers with great precession & accuracy.

My question is how to perfectly setup a 2x2 F3A Pattern plane, how much throws & expo must be used also for snap rolls * precession flying. I am practicing it to fly on AFPD using a Smargard.

Thanks in advance...
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Don Szczur
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Default RE: How to setup a 2x2 pattern plane for F3A is a link to a general aircraft setup.

The best article I saw on setting up a pattern plane for flying was included in the Diamante .25e instructions by Peter Goldsmith. In fact this is a good plane to start pattern with since its very stable, locks well, and flys in the wind extremely well.

It's not a lot to setting up what is needed to get the plane right- but the bottom line is what makes you feel comfortable. Generally, use no more control throw than you need to execute the maneuvers comfortably, with some margin for being able to correct in turbulent wind, maybe an extra 10% margin. For FAI, roll rate is normally set to give efficient rolls at tops of manevuers. Elevator to carve a good radius at the bottom of an inverted top hat or hourglass. Expo is more difficult- For example, with too much expo you will have a hard time exiting maneuvers with level wings and your horizontal lines will wander. You will always be "behind" on corrections. However it does not hold true for rudder, which normally uses higher expo than ailerons or elevators. I use dual rate/ flight modes for extra throw on ailerons, rudder and elevator for spins and snaps. Expo is adjusted (increased) to give the same feel around neutral for all flight modes.

I put together a "precision aerobatics" video on aircraft setup on the 2X2 Meter Brio which goes into low, high rates, and mixes. you can e-mail and ask for the Pattern (1 CD ROM) video from 2007. Its a seminar in my living room- like $15 or something. Send her a note for the details.


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