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Don Szczur 05-19-2007 10:09 PM

DX-7 Setup for Competive Pattern Aircraft
I have set up a BRIO for the DX-7. It very nearly reflects the setup for the 10X, and I basically went from step 1 of turning on the transmitter, to each step in the process. This step-by-step setup may be helpful for those setting up a pattern plane with the Spektrum DX-7.

Don Szczur 05-19-2007 11:00 PM

RE: DX-7 Setup for Competive Pattern Aircraft
The 9 steps to setting up the DX-7 for your pattern or IMAC plane that has two aileron and two elevator servos:

Go to the system mode (push the down scroll and select buttons, while turning on the Tx).

1. Scroll to model select, choose a model number. Scroll to model name, (increase or decrease to select each letter).

2. Scroll to dual rate. Set up a dual rate switch ( I like all my dual rates tied to the aileron switch, but you can leave them on each individual or choose to put them all on another switch like the flap, elevator, rudder).

3. Scroll to wing type, select flaperon on. Scroll down one more to input select. Select Aux 2: INH. TRIM: INH. Flap: INH, Flap TRIM:ACT This gets everything working with the trims, takes the flap switch off, normally I don't use any kind of flaps on any of my pattern models.

Thats it- you are done with the system menu. There is a neat function which I did not set up but its called throttle recovery. If you beep down all the way to kill your motor after a flight, when you beep once back up it goes to your pre-set position, ready to start the motor again.

Go to Function mode: Turn off the Tx, push the select and up scroll while turning on the Tx. This gets you to the Function mode.

4. Scroll to reversing SW and set up any servo reversing you need. (you get to this by holding select and down scroll and it gets you in to make the reversing).

5. Scroll down the P-MIX 6 and go elev to Aux 2 (plug in to your left elevator servo). Adjust rate to 100% (move elevator stick up and down to do this). Set SW: ON. Use P-MIX 6 for this because P-MIX 5 and 6 include trim. You want the elevator trim to move both elevator halves up and down.

6. Scroll up to travel adjust. Get your CRC or similar meter and fine tune your travel up and down on ailerons and elevators. Remember you want to get them mechanically set as close as possible then use the travel adjust to get the throws perfect. Suggest only using plus or minus 10% from 100% because more than that will distort your control speeds (for aileron and elevators, you will have one servo moving faster then the other- even if you cannot see the difference, it will be there).

7. Scroll to D/R and Expo and set for elevator, ailerons and rudder. (remember its positive expo for softer center). Suggest when you set up dual rates you use a proportionally higher expo with high rates, as compared to low rates, to have the same feel around center. For example, 20% expo on low rate (75% D/R) and 28% expo on high rate (100% D/R).

8. Set timer (Down- Stopwatch, etc.) if you use a timer to avoid dead stick landings.

9. Advanced P-MIXES. I have the following.
I set P-MIX 5 to Throttle to Rudder. +1 high throttle, -1 low throttle. Offset 0
I set P-MIX 4 to Rudder to Aileron. I have a few percent in for right rudder to give opposite aileron. Offset 0.
I set P-MIX 3 to Throttle to Aileron. (I don't use that but set it up in case needed) Offset -75%
I set P-MIX 2 to Throttle to Elevator. 0 at high throttle, -17% at low throttle; Offset -75%
I set P-MIX 1 to Rudder to Elevator. I have a few percent in for left rudder to up elevator. Offset 0.
The reason I use P-MIX 2 and 3 is used when doing throttle to elevator or aileron because these don't tie the throttle trim to the mix. So you down-line mixes will not be effected by throttle trim adjustments. This is similar to the ORIG on the JR 10X.

Done! Don't forget to re-bind with throttle stick at low before flying. This will make sure the throttle fail safe is set at low throttle.

All the best,


Super D 05-22-2007 11:43 PM

RE: DX-7 Setup for Competive Pattern Aircraft
Don, Do you feel Spektrum has a more real time feeling? Does it seem faster than the good JR and futaba equipment?
I asked a D6 FAI guy and he claimed it seemed faster and he took away some expo. Funny thing is I have only seen 2 spektrum competitors at the local contests, I guess most are waiting for the Futaba and JR versions.
Thanks Dylan

Don Szczur 05-23-2007 10:18 PM

RE: DX-7 Setup for Competive Pattern Aircraft
Yes, I observed the same at Vanceboro. What I think most pattern pilots are settled in with their existing setups- although we had 3 frequency conflicts at this contest! (two were sharing the same Tx) So part of this step-by-step is to make it more clear that this radio is quite viable for pattern in fact has about 80 to 90 percent of the features I'm using on the 10X. I have it configured to use all of its six mixes effectively - it is a competitive setup.

All the best,


Don Szczur 04-08-2011 04:48 PM

RE: DX-7 Setup for Competive Pattern Aircraft
Recently got a queston on P-MIX for upline and downline mix from a pilot that has moved from DX-7 to DX-8. Basically, you can take the three P-Mixes and combine into on mix as shown above Neg 1 at low throttle and Pos 1 at high throttle. You have to increase the rate to make sure you go the right direction but remember its left rudder at low throttle and right rudder at high throttle. Mid range throttle do circles or figure 8s horizontal in each direction. Down line and up line throttle to rudder mix adjusts the yaw in those attitudes. Of course start with the stock right thrust and the mix fine tunes your up line yaw trim. I recommend just one mix but use # throttle so your idle trim does not interfere with your mix settings.


dwaynenancy 07-27-2011 09:11 AM

RE: DX-7 Setup for Competive Pattern Aircraft
Don, thanks a million. Now to go see what I have done to my airplane.


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