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Side Force Generators question (SFG's)

Old 03-14-2014, 08:00 PM
Ernie Misner
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Default Side Force Generators question (SFG's)

Hi Mike, not a Horizon plane, but you are definitely the man to ask..... I posted this in the 3D forum also. >>> I have the new UCanDo SF and just started the build. It has SFG's that bolt to the wingtips, nothing unusual here. What is odd though is that the SFG's and wingtips are not parallel to the fuselage. The SFG's (and wingtips) point in towards the nose of the airplane quite a bit, maybe more than 5 degrees. What are they thinking? Anyone ever seen SFG's that have tow in like that? Looks like it would cause a lot of drag in straight flight! Ideas anyone? Thanks>>>
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