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viper21 01-30-2004 03:57 PM

Testors Model Master Enamels. Which Thinner?
Hi all, I use the Testors Model Master Enamels(solvent versions) line of paint to airbrush trim colors on my planes both glow and electric and Jets and prop planes. I like them because they have allot of Federal Standard number colors. So if you need a certain color they usually have it and you can order direct off their website so you dont need to hunt them down at three different hobby shops( been there done that) They spray beautifully with my airbrush when thinned about 30% with their Airbrush Thinner in the black pint can. Well my question is this the thinner smells just like regular paint thinner that I can buy at Home Depot for 5 bucks a gallon as oposed to 7 bucks a pint at the hobby store or online. Does anyone know if there is a huge difference, can I use the regular paint thinner to thin the paint? I use it for cleaning my airbrush when I am done spraying but I haven't tried it yet and I was curious if someone else has tried the regular paint thinner. I usually use an automotive paint for the base colors and the Model Masters for trim when I dont need allot of paint. Plus the can ge top coated with the 2 part acrylic gloss clear I spray after all the trim and graphics are on to fuelproof the paint.
Any information would be appreciated.
Thanks Viper

FHHuber 01-30-2004 08:21 PM

RE: Testors Model Master Enamels. Which Thinner?
I believe those use simple mineral spirits type paint thinner... Most Testors paints for plastic models do. (I haven't used the Model Masters line yet...)

Tmoth4 01-30-2004 11:48 PM

RE: Testors Model Master Enamels. Which Thinner?
I've thinned Model Masters with mineral spirits and it works.

viper21 01-31-2004 12:13 AM

RE: Testors Model Master Enamels. Which Thinner?
Thanks Guy's, I thought it was the same stuff because the thinner in the black can smells just like mineral or paint thinner. That will save me some money I wont need too spend 6 bucks for a pint of thinner when I can get a gallon for same price:D

CafeenMan 02-01-2004 05:03 PM

RE: Testors Model Master Enamels. Which Thinner?
If you spray, then use lacquer thinner. If you brush, use mineral spirits.

viper21 02-01-2004 05:29 PM

RE: Testors Model Master Enamels. Which Thinner?
Hi CafeenMan, thank you for the reply. I just have a question for you the Testors Airbrush thinner in the black can that is sold for the Model Master Enamels smells just like regular paint thinner and not lacquer thinner. I am not questioning your information I am just asking if there is a difference? Have you airbrushed them with lacquer thinner and how much do you thin them? I was thinning them about 30% from the jar just enough to flow through a medium needle and tip on my Crescendo airbrush?
Thanks Very Much I hated paying 7 bucks for a small pint can when a gallon is less than that at home depot I have both lacquer and paint thinner so its no problem.
Thanks Viper

CafeenMan 02-01-2004 05:43 PM

RE: Testors Model Master Enamels. Which Thinner?
viper21 - I use Model Master enamels a lot - or at least used to. Mostly I use Tamiya acrylics on my plastic models now and use Model Master enamels for brushing small details and for washes. I have used the model master airbrush thinner and it works fine. I think it's a mix of xylene, mineral spirits and other stuff. Can't say for sure.

For spraying I use lacquer thinner because enamels take forever to dry. Even flat enamels that feel dry after an hour take at least 3 days to set up enough to really handle them. Using mineral spirits doesn't help because it is a very slow drying solvent.

For gloss coats I will usually mix 50-50 lacquer thinner and mineral spirits so it flows out a little better after spraying.

Model Master paints are very highly pigmented and take a lot of thinner to make them spray properly - usually at least 30%. I've gone to over 50% at times. There is no set amount to add. You add thinner until the paint is the correct consistency of painting or brushing. As it comes, it is too thick for either.

BTW - any thinner that will cut oil-base paints will work. You can use xylene (xylol), turpentine, mineral spirits, acetone, MEK, lacquer thinner, etc. They will all work, but some better than others.

Also, I don't thin the paint in the bottle. I buy 1/2 ounce bottles from MicroMark and pour some in a clean bottle and thin it for spraying. Sometimes thinnner will make the paint dry in the bottle faster - probably because it wasn't actually 100% compatible over the long term. Plus I don't know that I'm going to use the whole bottle for spraying and once it is thinned for spraying, it is too thin for brushing, so I just thin what I need.

viper21 02-01-2004 06:56 PM

RE: Testors Model Master Enamels. Which Thinner?
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Hi CafeenMan, yes your right the Model Master Enamels take at least 4 days to get hard. I usually give them a week. But from now on I will thin them with lacquer thinner if that helps them dry faster that is great. If I can get them to dry faster I will be a happy camper. And I too use the same process as you do to thin the paint but I buy my jars from Badger on there website direct they are cheaper than in the hobby stores but I will check out Micro Mark. I am using an automotive silver basecoat I got from a friend in Germany with its thinner. To spray my H9 150 Mustang that I am stripping the covering off and fiberglassing. I will spray the Platinum paint (you wouldl't believe how close it looks to polished aluminum. And then I am using the Model Masters to paint the trim. And then I will spray my 2 part acryic gloss clear thinned 100%. After I let the trim colors sit for a week and I apply my new graphics from Bill Fulmer at Custom Cut Graphics.
Thanks Again for the information. I appreciate it.

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