Here are some videos of my Extreme Machine climbing an extremely high and uneven hill. Its a much harder climb than it looks and I did it with only the rear diff locked
This one is at the top of the hill which is the hardest part where the truck is nearly straight up. It is where most of the trucks get stuck or flip over.
Heres an idea of how steep it is
Makin it look real easy, this is the only rc that has been able to climb it without any wheel spin. Not even my traxxas summit, full built brushless 2.2 scx10 or my buddies built brushless scx10 have made it this easyand I did it with only the rear diff locked. All the hobby trucks require a ton of wheel speed to make it. I also have almost no suspension flex and a really high center of gravity.
Next im gonna make a video of it head to head against the summit and scx10 showing it out climbing the almighty hobby cars