I want to strip down a 4 wheel drive rc drift car and add a hobby grade speed controller, transmitter thats 2.4 ghz rather than a.m. Add a servo modify the steering so that it can have proportional steering, I will be using nimh or nicad 7.2 volt 1500 maH batteries. And more powerful motor in the rear motor and probably removing the motor and gear in the front. Most of this I think I can handle My question is the motor. It looks to me to be the same size as the motor in a 1/18 scale truck like the dramida by revell or 380 size can. But I am not 100 percent sure and before I just blindly buy one although they are dirt cheap I just wanted to ask someone with experience if these things typically are all the same can size as the more aggressive hobby grade ones or are they completely different animal? Also I was thinking the best option was to remove the motor and gears in the front just because im not even sure what im gonna find for a motor up there as its all covered under a plastic dust cap.