I just bought a Ground Pounder but didn't see a redcat forum. I am used to building very fast things, just on a much larger scale. I get the concept of these vehicles but am still in the dark on most of it. I bought this truck to chase away seagulls on the islands and found it having some trouble climbing over obstacles.

I went ahead and bought the Novak Edge 2S Ballistic Brushless System with a 2200 motor and 5000mah battery. I assume it's like a standard brushless where lower Kv = more torque and hope I'm right or it will be an expensive mistake. Anyway, I looked the truck over and saw a lot of plastic. DId some searching and found Crawford. Bought the spur gear and shafts. They say I need a matching mod1 12T pinion. I can't find them anywhere. Can someone help me out here and also give me some recommendations on what else I can do for reliability and or more fun with it going after.