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HELP! New Body Mounts Don't Fit Stock Towers!!

Old 01-09-2004, 11:23 AM
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Default HELP! New Body Mounts Don't Fit Stock Towers!!

This is a weird one. I purchased front & rear body Hardcore body mounts, put 'em together, and was all set to go. But they just don't fit into the stock Maxx shock towers. You can get 'em in about 1/4", but then the friction is just too much.

Now when I was putting them together, one set of posts didn't even fit into the matching Hardcore mounting plate , so I called them & they sent me a new one (they have GREAT customer service, BTW!). It was snug, but it worked. This was before I tried to mount them, so I didn't think the posts were too big, I thought the holes in the plate were too small!

Now that I had an extra plate, I ordered a set of tall aluminum POSTS from Fullforce RC so I could make an AL mount for my Gravedigger body. In the meantime, I had called Hardcore again to complain about the fit issue, and they told me to send 'em in & they'd check them out (I figured that the posts were a bit to thick). I was geting ready to do that when the Fullforce posts arrived yesterday, and they were ALSO too big to fit into the shock towers!!!

So now I gotta figure the stock tower is a bit whacky, as two different brands of AL posts are too big to fit. I guess I'm gonna wident the tower holes a bit, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem, and if so, what did you do?


PS. If I can ever get these mounts in, they're gonna be GREAT, as they are the kind that use those Delrin clips rather than flimsy metal ones. AND, I got them for a STEAL (were $44 each, now $15!!) at The Hobby Shop of NJ, and they still have some left. I was & still am tempted by the super-cheap Hardcore shock towers, too, but note that theyare the OLD style with only one shock position available (dunno if that would be important to me or not!!).
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Old 01-09-2004, 12:07 PM
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Default RE: HELP! New Body Mounts Don't Fit Stock Towers!!

They do have some great deals, but everything is in goofy colors. You could beef up your whole truck for like $100, but it would look like a rainbow! The alum. body posts I have (I don't remember the brand) are a little too thin, they wobble a little. But I figure the loosness might help absorb impact in a crash.
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