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krazycar 04-19-2011 02:46 AM

Old Stampede upgrade
Hi, I am new to the forums, but maybe you all can help me. I have an old stampede about 12 tears old, and have recently taken it out of the closet, its been in there for about 10 years now. I just bought a pair of fresh batteries, and the truck runs well, but i was thinking of upgrading to a brushless combo. Here is my question, would i also need to upgrade the transmission as well? I noticed that the new magnum trans for the new stampede looks as if it would bolt right up to my old stampede. I don't recall what material was used for the planetary gears on my old trans, but i would assume the new one is built to handle the brushless motors. Also if i wanted more tourque for the new brushless motor, would a 17t be better than a 12t? I would apreciate any help from the experts on here.
Aloha, don.

guys2nv 04-19-2011 10:58 AM

RE: Old Stampede upgrade
The older 90 pede's use a plastic idler gear and plastic tooth diff gears. The plastic Idler is usually the gear that strips first though and the metal idlers from the newer stampede/rustler/slash all go right in. The newer pede's and older pedes are pretty much identical other then the gray chassis parts and 2.8" wheels. For lower tourque brushless motors then you want a lower kv motor like between 3000kv-4000kv. It doesn't take much since the pede is really light. I have an older 90's pede myself running a mamba max esc and a hobbywing ezrun 4000kv motor and it'll wheelie until I let off the throttle on just 2s lipo. It has a metal idler gear but still running the plastic tooth diff and it's holding up fine even with a slightley tight slipper and I beat it pretty bad as it is my beater rc car.

Here's acouple systems from castle and hobbywing and tacon motors:


Sorry If I overloaded ya there w/ options.

krazycar 04-19-2011 02:41 PM

RE: Old Stampede upgrade
Thanks for the reply guys2nv, Its good to know that everything as far as parts are interchangeable with the new Stampede xl5. After posting my questions, i spent a few hours reading through these forums and boy did i learn allot. Thanks for the links by the way, i think im sold on the tacon motor paired with either the ezrun esc or the hobbywing one. Do you think that changing the whole tranny would be better than just changing the idler gear? I originally bought my pede as a kit and assembled it myself, back than you had a choice between rtr and just the truck. I am also looking to buy a new pede for my son in the near future, i was going to go with the vxl model, but may just buy the xl5 and buy a brushless combo for it. Once again thanks for the help, i appreciate it.<div>Aloha, don.</div>

guys2nv 04-19-2011 02:58 PM

RE: Old Stampede upgrade
Your welcome, The ezrun 60a esc is manufactured by hobbywing in case I confused you there. For a complete transmission from a slash usually cost $30-$40. The newer one does come with a better slipper as opposed to the old white spur gear setup but all the internal parts from these transmissions will swap over to the older black case tranny (the layshaft-where the spur attaches to is alil different) as is the diff output's-the older ones w/ white yokes used a screw in the middle of the yoke and 2 setscrews to hold it on. The newer diff's use a pin through the output shaft and no middle screw. Like I said the parts are interchangable.

I would def. buy a brushed xl5 and upgrade to a brushless system of your choice. The VXL-3S esc's are a hit or miss thing. Some have had really good reliable ones (myself included) and others just have endless problems with theirs and usually they get a new one right from traxxas and then sell them on ebay so they can buy a better esc. The motors are actually pretty good so long as the heat is controlled. You could always buy a used xl-5 stampede to which would be cheaper but not by much but I'm not sure of shipping charges to HI which I'm guessing are fairly high.

krazycar 04-19-2011 03:12 PM

RE: Old Stampede upgrade
I saw some brand new magnum 272 transmissions for the vxl and xl5 on ebay for about $32. The description says it has ball bearings throughout which is great, my old pede came with bushings in the trans i believe. When i first assembled the truck back in the day, i made sure to replace all bushings with ball bearings. The trans will either ship with a 90 or 86 tooth spur gear, which ever i choose. which would be better? What was the stock size?<div>Thanks, don.</div>

NitroDog19 04-29-2011 02:39 PM

RE: Old Stampede upgrade
agreed like he said,the older pede's have plastic gears,the newer magnum 272 has all metal gears,i already made sure mine had it since i am also going to put a vxl brushless kit in my pede. id suggest you buy either metal gears for your stock trannie,or get the magnum 272. the 272 comes with a 90t 48p spur im almost postive on that. and should come with a 19t 48p pinion for normal bashing,on and off road. and 23t 48p for speed runs.

krazycar 04-29-2011 03:33 PM

RE: Old Stampede upgrade
I replaced my idler gear with the steel one and everything works great. <div>Thanks guys, don.</div>

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