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mrrudog 10-16-2012 09:52 PM

To modernize an E-Maxx....
Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to take an old E-Maxx and convert it to the new chassis fairly easily. I have and older one that has nothing wrong with it, but want to be able to run 7 cell flats in it.
My axles, diffs and so on are in real nice shape. Didn't know if someone made a chassis pan converion.

Maj_Overdrive 10-19-2012 03:26 PM

RE: To modernize an E-Maxx....
To convert to the new grey (3903/5/8) chassis you need the chassis itself, the chassis braces that go underneath, the new transmission and the new longer center driveshafts. The transmission bolt pattern is different and I believe the new trans is slightly wider so you can't just bolt your old style trans into the new chassis. FLM has an extended 3906 (old style) chassis that'll accept the 7cell flats and your components will bolt to it. Btw, if you're considering brushless, get cvd's or the newer style axles and knuckles. The 3906 style shafts will just twist and break very quickly with brushless power.

mrrudog 10-26-2012 12:20 AM

RE: To modernize an E-Maxx....
Thank you so much Maj Overdrive. Looked at the FLM site. Holy cow that looks nice.
For only $90 I believe I know what route I'm going.
Probably staying brushed at this point due to financials (gee whiz in this economy). I do however have a pair of Dynamite 775's I might move up to.
I had looked at the Kershaw Designs set-ups and thought I wanted to do that, then I was given the 2 new 775's.
Most likely I'll build it, then go from there if I add the big motors or not.
I'd never heard of FLM before, they have some very neat stuff. Yup, they could easily break me. Only because if I had the funds, I'm not to get at the whole know when to say when or the resistance of temptation.
Thanks again for your help.
Randy S. Henderson

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