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Chev4by 02-08-2018 10:37 PM

Tmaxx to emaxx build worth it?
Hey guys, new here but sometimes I come onto these forums to check things out from time to time. I'll try and keep my story short. Basically I traded some stuff for a savage flux hp and with it came a tmaxx roller, i didn't really want the tmaxx but now I'm looking at it and maybe worth converting to an emaxx. It has a 4.6 big block motor that's no good and came with a blown up 3.3, it has the an extended chassis from what the guy told me. Looks like it has the stock transmission, from what I can tell it looks like aluminum diffs and all rpm a arms. (I'm not sure what brand the diffs are and if they are an upgrade or not). Came with the stock radio but is missing some electronics. Has 6 shocks since 2 shocks are completly bent.

So basically I was thinking of converting it to a brushless setup if it would be worth it, oh and it has the same wheel base as my flux, so does that extended chassis make it an 1/8 scale truck? I don't know much about rc trucks btw

Ive been doing lots of reading and so far understand that I need a low kv motor around 2000 or so and a decent esc to run it, I don't wanna really spend much money on it so I can take my time and wait for deals to come up on the right parts. I see sites like amazon selling motors esc combo kits for 1/10 scale cars and trucks for around 75 bucks and was wondering if that would be a decent option for now or am I just wasting my time. I see right now a guy has a 540 2080kv turnigy motor for cheap (maybe that would be a good investment for it?) and I'd have no clue what kinda esc to get to match that

id like to have a spare truck, it doesn't have to be crazy fast, just something to play with when we go camping or whatever, if you have any input on what it would cost or even if it's worth it I'd appreciate your input. Would like to keep the cost under 150 bucks for a motor and esc amd all the other small stuff I would need for it, thanks guys

Chev4by 02-11-2018 07:06 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Here's a pic of what I got, if anyone has some info about it? Cheers.

esavagenoobie 02-17-2018 01:13 PM

I would strongly recommend against a 540 motor and 1/10th esc will fare well in that, on 4s you'd be drawing a lot of amps and you will definitely end up smoking your electronics. For 150$ it just cant be done. You'll need battery trays, esc, motor, motor mount and all the little hardware necessary to get everything mounted not to mention anything else thats broken.

Looks like the center driveshaft is plastic as well? If you go brushless that will be a weak point, as well as the half shafts on the axles, assuming those are plastic as well. Those look to be integy piggy back shocks, which are pretty junky, front bumper mount also looks broken.

That T-max has seen better days, I would disassemble it and sort out what parts are broken and what is salvageable, but imho, I wouldn't waste my time, or money on converting that to brushless.

Chev4by 02-17-2018 07:56 PM

Hmm thanks for that.

i was looking at it some more and the transmission would need new gears and and all the driveshafts are plastic like you said. I think your right that it's not worth the money to fix it up, I'm gonna get rid of it. I appreciate your response. Just spend the money on my savage and play with that, thanks

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