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manks7477 10-15-2008 09:07 PM

Starter Twin
Just wondering what you guys would recommend as a Twin Starter plane?

I am in my second season of flying, mastered a trainer and my first low wing (Sig 4* 60) has gone very well, am interested in moving to multi engine models next season. I know the Twinstar is a good starter, but I am not an ARF guy. Was thinking of a build, or maybe bashing a 4 * 40 into a twin. What are your thougths?

mytemotors 10-15-2008 09:45 PM

RE: Starter Twin
I think the TwinStar is a GOOD twin to move into. I have had one for about three years and it is still fun to fly although I have moved to bigger twins. It will take a little getting use to. Most twins require you to carry power down to flare, and have higher than expected landing speed.
I have a pair of O.S. .25 on mine and it give plenty of speed and power. Verticle, two turn rolls.
The main thing is to break-in the engines on a test stand, 30-45 minutes, and have good fuel systems. Everything duplicated as close as possible.
I have had one engine failure, my fault. Made two patterns before landing without a problem.


Wayne22 10-15-2008 10:41 PM

RE: Starter Twin
Get a twinstar to learn to fly twins while you are building your dream ship........ There is quite a bit of difference between a twin anything and a 4*.............

mytemotors 10-15-2008 11:15 PM

RE: Starter Twin
With enough money you will be happy with everything. But to be truly content, master the challange step by step and build up to the ultimate.
Enough of this, start cheap, learn the basics, and be ready for the plane of your dreams.
I have seen too many outstanding airplanes destroyed (at my club)by pilots who were not ready to handle (high performance) airplanes.

Props4ever 10-16-2008 12:17 AM

RE: Starter Twin
Hey Andy,

About 2-3 years ago after few years of flying rc models after getting back into the hobby i bought a small B-25 powered by TT 25s, it's very nice plane to fly. I had 2-3 times left engine dead stick on me and on 1st two times i lost it by not knowing how accurately to react in this situation!, well on 3rd time after rebuild i knew how to handle the plane and on that flight i just cut down the throttle with some opposite rudder and bit of aileron brought it back and landed safely. After that i had about 50 +- flights on it before i got hit on take off at one of the events and it went it full power from 5 feet in!, it's all rebuilt now and modified to get back into air again.

I would also recommend starting with Twinstar with .25s on it, now don't go higher then .25 or if you lose and engine your "YAW" affect will be too much to handle right of the back but it's also designed to fly on one engine also, so i'm sure you be ok with it.

God to know you got your 4* all flying now, im really happy to hear that my friend.

Btw did you went to London swap meet, how was it?


Wherewolf 10-16-2008 02:52 AM

RE: Starter Twin
[link=http://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/m_7274380/tm.htm]HERE :)[/link]

boingram 10-16-2008 06:46 AM

RE: Starter Twin
I have been flying twins for quite some time and one of my all time favorites is Saegull's Dual Ace. Great airframe! But, it's an ARF.

If you gotta build there is the 40/2 twin by Northeast Aerodynamics, Inc. Plus, I have had several Pica Duelists. If you like to build, try to find one of these on ebay...they go for around $200...I have three on my "to build" shelf.


JohnBuckner 10-16-2008 02:05 PM

RE: Starter Twin
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ORIGINAL: manks7477

Just wondering what you guys would recommend as a Twin Starter plane?
but I am not an ARF guy. Was thinking of a build, or maybe bashing a 4 * 40 into a twin. What are your thougths?

With that thought in mind then This airplane would be superb for that purpose it is a Sig Seniorita kit bashed with two OS .25FX. The nacelles are simple bath tubs that are fully adjustable for out thrust from 0 degrees to 10 out. This can be simply adjusted for the skills of the pilot and has proven to be very successful. surprizingly it is a delight to fly aerobatically also. In addition the nacelles are easily removeable and the battery pack is switched from a compartment near the stab to one in the tip of the nose and it is flown as an aero towed glider with a release next to the nosegear.

I have trained six local pilots with this airplane with skills from just solo'd to many years experiance very successfully, all have their various multi's now but all love the Oxy-Moron.

Here is the airplane which is an excellent performer doing a single engine takeoff and flight to a landing:


Here is the same airplane as a glider doing aerotow:



sledge_78 10-20-2008 11:14 PM

RE: Starter Twin

Two years ago I decided on buying a twin. Same question, where and what would be the best way to enter this realm of modeling. well, I bought a Twinstar. I put two OS 25Fp's on it. This is really a great airplane. It flies well and is quite fast with the .25 on it. I did lose an engine once, it took a while before I noticed it, It kept right on flying. Of course turning into the dead engine it doesn't want to do, I think that was my first clue. Never the less, at full throttle it really moves. Twinstar has only 4.OZ tanks but with the .25's on it and cruising a 1/2 throttle it will last 5 or more minutes. I can only comment on the first landing experience, I throttled back to idle on the final approach and it practically stopped in flight. I learned fast to keep a little throttle on the landing. I have heard & read many Twinstar stories of guys who put 46fx's on the Twinstar. I just can't fathom that and how fast it would go - you really don't need that much power, it flys great on the recommended .25's. Anyway, I would recommend the Twinstar for the first twin. It is a inexpensive and fun way to get into twins. After that you can choose your own aircraft based upon the flight tendencies you want to live with. Hold off on that P-38 until you are ready to handle the toughest, most unforgiving design.


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