I have an Art Attack sled Ibought about 4 yrs ago off ebay that Iam trying to upgrade. I ran it when Ibought it only to have the common problems you've all had. So Iput it back in the box until recently. I had bought some upgrades prior to putting it away from Colas Hobbies(which no longer exists) and have put them on now. These include: Colas clutch upgrade, servo saver, wide stance front end w/ longer shocks, milled track for better bite. I would also like to replace the fuel tank so if you know of the best fitting tank please let me know. I broke a Y-axle trying to come up with a better rear suspension and I can't afford to throw another $150 into the upgraded suspension thats available so if you can offer any detailed info, pics, prints to build my own Iwould greatly appreciate it. Also, if you offer your own upgrades please let me know. Thanks guys, I just can't let the Art Attack die yet!