If any of you have seen My Prototype? Then you will get the Picture very Quikly! I am working on the concept of an Electric Car Powering it! A Smart Car would make a Great Cockpit.A Cage with Platform is Driven into and Plugged in.It would also have Fly by Wire controls.This way you would use all the Features such as Comfort,Safety Features and Technology allready in the Vehicle.The Unit could be left at the Airfield and the Auto unplugged and Driven Off.The Self Rotating Wing has been around since the 50s and Works Very Well.It is Safer than any Quad Copter Or Tilt Rotor as an Aircraft.If one Motor should Malfuntion.It can be Safely Landed on One Motor!I Have only made one significant change to the orig. prototype.I changed direction of Rotation allowing me to Run Stock Rotation on Both Sides with Stock props.Getting Equal and Maximum Airflow!! It could workwith Many Small Electric Cars! Todays Heli's are (Dislecsic) Just my Opinion But, it is Greener and Quieter and Much easier to Pilot!