3 years and over 500 tests!

Last couple of years my never ending Mono project and these forums have been a very important part of my life. And, it looks like I am kinda addicted to this stuff and will keep on tinkering

During this time, I have been blessed with all the support I got from some very good people on these forums, which kept me going.

I am at a point though I feel very comfortable with the performance of my units and have some crazy ideas to realize. So, I decided to try my chances on Kickstarter.

The link is below. I believe the video is pretty neat (and amateur at the same time) in giving a short history of Mono, starting from the first unit which could barely lift off and fly a couple of seconds

I would appreciate if everybody who likes Mono pledges a couple of bucks and/or at least share the link. Who knows? Crazier things happened, right?