I've been reading around on the internet to see how other people have made their rc hovercraft and im getting stuck on two points.

First of all.. its going to be powered by a garden trimmer engine. I'm going to simply connect the trimmer to a prop in the back and put a servo controlled rudder on it. Then im thinking of tying a generator to the engine to power an electric fan to blow up the skirt. But im not sure of if this is the best way. How have you guys made your gas powered hovercrafts?

This brings me to the second problem.
As i understand it there are two main types of skirts. The tire ring with holes on the inner side type, or the finger bag type.
The inner tire with holes on it seems pretty straight forward but Ihave yet to see any real plans for the finger ones.
And as i understand it the finger one is way better for rough terrain.. something i definitly want to tackle..

I want detailed pictures of the finger bags and i cant find any. Irefuse to beleive I need to buy a book to see actual plans for how they are made, this is the internet for %&#!*^?!! sake.