What do you guys think?
Should RCU fearure a forum dedicated to homebuilds?

Would it be a good idea to have a forum where everyone can post pictures of their builds and projects.
If so, should it be an all-in forum including cars, boats, planes, tanks, helicopters and whatever else people build?

The good thing about such a forum would be that it would be a great resource for anyone who's starting out building, as they would have lots of information and advice availabl eon one page.

The bad thing might be that it could become a bit of anexclusive club for lack of a better term.
Another problem would be how to start it off.
Would everyone start new threads or should all existing threads be moved there by the moderators upon requast by the thread starter.

I've been pondering on this for a while and it's still 50/50 in my head whether it's a good idea or not.
I put it to one of the moderators and was given the suggestion to start a poll.
So here goes.

Homebuild forum?