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IFlyEm35 02-11-2011 10:09 PM

Flying Thingz????
Are they still in business? I have sent a couple messages from their web site but haven't gotten a reply. There also isn't any contact phone number. Not overly interested in giving out my card information to a company I cannot communicate with.

Anyone have a number for them?


davidgeorge212 02-11-2011 10:24 PM

RE: Flying Thingz????
Their websight looks like its still up and running great but I dont see a phone # either. I bought a lawnmower kit maybe 2 years ago but havent dealt with them since then

kevin3 04-27-2011 03:11 AM

RE: Flying Thingz????
You can pay your money, as I did, over a year ago and to date, ( NO KIT, NO ANSWER TO EMAILS AND NO REFUND ) WARNING

Spacewalker 1 04-27-2011 05:30 AM

RE: Flying Thingz????
I don't understand why a company would maintain a web site and not respond to inquiries if they are a legitimate business. I have made several attempts to contact them over the last couple of years. There use to be a phone number on their old web site and I would get a recording saying someone would be back in touch with me but that never happened. Then they redid their web site (2011) which looks very nice but there isn't a phone number or an address to contact them. When you e-mail them you get an "auto reply" saying they will be in touch. I have never heard back from them even after 4 - 5 attempts to contact them. They do have all the ordering information on their web site but buyer beware!! I would not send them any money. If anyone out there has a Flying Dog House they would like to part with please contact me. Our club is in need of one for our annual air show.

kevin3 04-27-2011 06:59 AM

RE: Flying Thingz????
I'm sorry to say I'm not the only one to send Flying Things????????(*@*%_) Money and get nothing, I've had emails from about 12 people trying to get there money back, and a lot more trying to get there orders all in the UK, It looks like the new web site is just one big con, as you say buyer beware! it's on longer a legitimate business.

Spacewalker 1 04-27-2011 08:25 AM

RE: Flying Thingz????
There must be someone this could be reported to so this web site could be shut down. It would seem there should be some form of fraud being committed here.

charlie111 04-27-2011 07:09 PM

RE: Flying Thingz????
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Don't know why your having problems with your site.But I have never used them? Talk to Iron Eagle .He gave me some sites that were very dependable

Spacewalker 1 04-28-2011 05:23 AM

RE: Flying Thingz????
Not sure what you are talking about!!. It's not my site, it's Flying Thingz's site with no contact information.
Check out, www.flyingthingz.com

kevin3 04-28-2011 08:23 AM

RE: Flying Thingz????
Hi Spacewalker 1,
I'm sorry but I never said it was your site, I fully understand It's Flying Thingz's and was run by someone by the name of Spiro, I did find Spiro's Email address <szanis@aol.com>and He answered my email the same day, But me said The Company was sold. The new owners name is Tony and he is still in business, (I wonder if it's making kits, building web sits, or just taking our cash for nothing, as you can email him but never get a reply) His new web site now says Awaiting Payment on my order, But my receipt and my bank and paypal all show Iv'e Paid. ALL I CAN SAY IS IF YOU SEND MONEY YOU'VE BEEN WARNED

Spacewalker 1 04-28-2011 09:00 AM

RE: Flying Thingz????
Sorry Kevin. I was responding to Charlie111. I think there is some type of confusion on what the problem is.

Marvinf14 12-16-2014 11:07 AM

Does any one knows WWW.FLYINGTHINGZ.COM , My fellow PILOTS I need help here: I placed an order on Date:Sep 19, 2014 Time: 15:17:17 PDT Status:Completed, after three weeks i contacted through FLYINTHINGZ page MR Diaz, Tony, which I believe is owner of Flyingthingz, October 16th(3 weeks later) asking why I have not received my three items ordered, which are the Witch, Mower and Snoopy House totaling $445.00 and this is his response "I should have it figured out somehow by Monday afternoon. I've had some challenges the last few months, and got a little behind, and with a sudden influx of orders, PayPal decided to see what was going on, and asked for proof of shipment on several recent orders." Ok so I figure Mr Tony, got behind, no biggie i'll receive my items soon, nooooooooooooooo thats not the case, see my fellow pilots Paypal sent me an "Track your package at UPS, tracking number ZR25A820397160782." But when one clicks in UPS this tracking number states:"A UPS shipping label has been created, once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status--including the scheduled delivery date--will be updated". Ok I waited a week or two, then i started contacting Mr Diaz cause i have not received yet my order,but guess what my fellow pilots, he will not answer the Google Subscriber Phone service nor my emails to his FLYINGTHINGS Page nor the one in PAYPAL, its now almost 2 full months with no repy from Mr Diaz, then I checked in RCU and Ripoff Report , now i believe I lost my $445 dollars and he is been doing this to other PILOTS, if anyone knows him personally please let him know i would like to receive my items since i know he wont give money back as he has done so to other customer which hasnt received anyting yet in 2 years

Marvinf14 12-16-2014 11:08 AM

I wish i would have seen this here before now im out my money

charlie111 12-16-2014 02:51 PM

I'm having a Problem with PayPal Ordered 3 e.s.c.s ? But, No record of it!

kevin3 12-17-2014 01:43 AM

Hi I'm sorry to hear your story but as I said back in 2011 the new web site is just one big con, as you say in the US buyer beware! it's on longer a legitimate busines, I never got my kit or my money back just bull**** from this man, I was also told at the time that me had also coned over 60 UK modelers out of there hard cash, as for PayPal I was told I had run out of time to get payed by them thats how this con works, so dont wast time get on to PayPal now and ask for your money back, and I hope your not to late.

Marvinf14 12-17-2014 06:23 AM

Hey Kevin3 Yes unfortunately its to late now, i understand custom works takes a little longer than usual cookie cutters, i gave him the benefit of doubt with him been busy, thats my call for not doing anything sooner, but, at least im letting paypal know so they can stop him and close his account, i wont stop untill paypal make his life somewhat hard, he's lucky he lives in California im way out in Miami, FL

kevin3 12-17-2014 11:33 AM

Hi Marvinf14 I'm sorry to hear that it's to late to get your money back from PayPal but as I said thats how the con works, I spent a long time trying to get PayPal to close his account but was told he just changes his name and PayPal cannot stop payment to his bank account, but I never found out why PayPal stoped talking to me If you can stop him I wish you luck.Kev

aerojack 06-05-2015 04:46 PM

I am curious, was thimking of placing an order. Did any of you ever get your items?

charlie111 06-05-2015 07:04 PM

I Just use PayPal & have had excellant response on All Items Purchased! Finally Finished See Both Flight Tests on You Tube 1st time out Collar moved Increasing Pitch Off the Scale 2nd. Held Neg. Pitch put in for Autorotating! Wings overpowered servo Watch for Next time Out 3rd.Times a CHARM! I have a Vid. Here & Both on You Tube Very close to Lifting! Dropped about 5 lbs. of Junk Oak axles = Baseball bat,Steerng Bellcrank Linkage & servo,4 3" Mags & Rubber tires,3' of 3/16 Steel round stock & a Handfull of wheel collars! Also removed Boat shrink wrap over Balsa & Most of Balsa Covering.Replacing with Monocoat film.I think you'll agree? That it is Destined to FLY! Bought batteries around Xmas & have yet to get a Charger? 4 second Short During build burnt 80 amp red brick esc & about 4ft. of Ext. chord in Wing .When a Friend got + & - Crossed on Wing Plug! Actually motors were slowing on #2 Test Sorry to Hear of Your Loses! Actually R/C version is Demonstrator for E.V. carrier Using Auto as Cockpit/Power supply! Oh Look under Charles Glazebrook on You Tube Also see Hillers Hornet & Bell & Hiller 1st videos!

kevin3 06-05-2015 10:55 PM

please do not order I have heard from over 100 people that paid this joker and got FAll, apart that is bull ****, it's in the post Ect, than nothing more, as I said at the time paypal cannot help you as your money goes into his bank its all a con.
Regards Kev

aerojack 06-05-2015 10:55 PM

Charlie111, I think your posting in the wrong thread, this thread is about flying aircraft from flyinthingz .com and not getting what was paid for

aerojack 06-05-2015 10:56 PM


kevin3 06-05-2015 11:20 PM

Sorry but I was just warning anyone that flyinthingz .com is a con, I was sent an Email asking me ( Did any of you ever get your items?) and I'm sorry to say NO WE NEVER, I think you need to read the rest of the posts first.

charlie111 06-06-2015 03:05 AM

I only do Bussiness with Hobby King & Other Companies that are reputable. My Project was Paid for in Full by Pay Pal see it on Youtube Self rotating wing SRW under Charles Glazebrook Bought many parts & Had no problems Spent about 900.00 to Build it with 6 channel Radio & 2 Brushless motors Typhoon 2W-23,2 80 Amp Red Brick escs Must see E.V. carrier R/C version

rccrazedman 08-24-2015 08:02 AM

Hobby king I would be very careful with two. do a search about them you will find many many people had problems and at times lost there money with them as well. I also once made an order to hobby kind which took me 4 months to get my order.

charlie111 08-24-2015 11:50 AM

I've had Good Luck with Them (Hobby King) Paying through PayPal Might have Helped? They Stand behind Sales made threw Them?

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